About me
You are on the path to changing your future. Me? I want to help you, and believe you me here, at SFM (Six Figure Mentor's) this is such an easy peazy mission to have! Here you are met with 5 star treatment, whether it be for the marketing or the mindset side of the equation we are treated like royalty! Remember like attracts like!

I have been fortunate enough to always be independent and until recently I did not know how lucky I really was, what an absolute bliss this type of life is! I never think if the children call me to say 'Classes have finished early, can you come to get me please?' or at the boarding schools I do the toing and froing without a second thought and if they are ill? Of course I am at home to be there! Another advantage is the school holidays - here in France they have a massive 2 months in the summer, so do I, and as we live 15km form the ocean, it really is like a proper holiday 'chez nous' as the local town (sea resort) population goes from 7,000 to 35,000 with all the night markets, free events, (theatre shows, puppets for kids, concerts musical...), surf schools, funfairs...Yes the internet connection is slower during those months so I take advantage and play mother during the day and business woman at night when the connection is better! Another amazing aspect of this way of life is the people you chose to work with, yes as I attract people like me I do NOT have to put up with a person who may be on a different path for very long as they go off on their merry way and I keep to this path!

Here at SFM & DEA ,the path is all laid out, trust me - as a founding Black Elite member - I have seen this company grow and I have also grown understanding more and more where SFM & DEA is heading, and where that is, is the place you want to be at. Even though this is a new path on the internet western frontier as it were, and nothing is written, and by mere extrapolation of what some have done in such a short time I shall let your imagination run there to that place where you want to be in say 5 years time...There is such grandeur possible that yes it does give you that sharp intake of breath! Not just for the money, but for the value you can provide when you follow the simple, so simple, yet effective and powerful system. Jay & Stuart are leading along this path and they roll out the red carpet so much I feel like I am a star at the Cannes Film Festival! And this is just how I want to be treated quite frankly, for I treat others likewise...
For a long time this was hard for me to really grasp - well we all have our own particular hang ups, and being worthy of was one of mine! So for a long while I learnt new skills whilst sitting on the fence...
When one of my mentors told me 'that that was the most painful place to be - indecision land.....' I came down to PROACTIVE land and this is so cool! To be in action is a totally new ball game, and yes this way of life is really like a game for to work hard does not scare me, to learn new skills neither whatever did scare me has gone and as I love what I do it never feels like "work!
After proactive I became millionaire mindset me and that is such a fun place to be at. A different higher energy level where respect IS. Coming from a lower energy level and never fitting in I now feel at home here, ready to show you around, so come on in!

Life is for the taking, like a buffet, no one is going to serve you, so what is your choice?

Depending on where you are at right now, your next step of action could be either:
To get on my newsletter (see box on page) where I go into detail about how SFM/DEA can help you now at the spot you are in
If you have already done your due diligence and know that this is right for you head over to the application page and chose which package is good for you, then a business coach will call you to go through all the possibilities you have here at SFM & DEA. If you want to have a chat with me about any particular point that has been going on in your mind please feel free to do so, I find that when I talk to various people about an idea it really helps me to clarify it in my own mind. Once you are clear on that then TAKE ACTION. Not to worry here at SFM & DEA, we live in a success environment and everything is given to you step by step so as not to fall down, or if you do fall down the community is here to pick you up, and help you on your merry way again and before you know it, youll be picking yourself up and dusting yourself offThen you help others too

On a personal note :
I am the very proud mother of 4 healthy, beautiful "mensergoblins" all giving me trouble & strife, Yes my sense of humour is let loose most of the time, but I'll behave for sure, and now that I live in a town that is like a village.

My children say that I see life through my pink sunglasses but believe you me when it comes to work I am dead serious, like you should be if you want to start your own business, for this is for everybody but not everybody will want it. If you do want it then you MUST work to learn the skills so expect to work and no matter what YOUR DREAM is, it will live as you learn the skills.