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Favorite Quotes:
The impossible is often left untried.
Gerardo Flores
To spark a flame of inspiration in the souls of people that will awaken them to the options they have in order to live life to the fullest!
Experience: 5+ yrs marketing experience
About Me
Hello and welcome! My name is Gerardo Flores but friends and family call me G and thank you for stopping by. I am a father of 2 boys Julian and Christian and as of 2016 married the love of my life! My motivation for creating this site is to share with everyone my life’s journey of becoming an entrepreneur and how to do it for yourself.

Like many people out there, I wanted to do something different with my life. I was never content with having a J.O.B. To me everything seemed so mundane and dull to have to go into a J.O.B that I disliked and exchange my time for an hourly pay. I've always desired to have a better life for myself and my family. And being employed was not doing it for me.

As each day would pass by and I would clock in to work, I had this burning question in my mind, “How can I make money without having to “work”?” (interesting concept, I know!) It was only a matter of time until I started looking into the home business arena.

To make a long story short, I’ve had many ups and downs. Sometimes more downs than ups! But I never gave up on trying to find the right opportunities. I have done everything from; door to door sales, retail sales, Real Estate, labor, direct sales, telemarketing, and even stripping! (haha okay maybe not!) Although I did experience some success with many of those, I still didn’t feel accomplished. I wanted something that was my own. So I got involved with MLM’s such as; Herbalife, Isagenix, Jus, Exfuze, you name it! All these to no avail!

Now, it wasn’t that these companies or products didn’t work- I just didn’t have the right mentorship to guide me in the right direction to wealth. All my upline members in these companies would tell me was to invite friends and family to hotel meetings, post up flyers on car windshields, and post to classifieds. None of that worked for me. So I gave up on traditional MLM. Not because it doesn’t work, it just didn’t click with me.

After failing miserably with MLM, I started looking into building a business from home through the internet. “This looks promising!” I thought. Well, it was only a matter of time before I found out the ugly truth about how difficult it was to start an online business! “Guru” after “Guru” they would all tell me that as long as I buy their book, or course, or program that I would become the next internet Millionaire! And guess what? I fell for MANY of them! It's embarrassing to even talk about all this-because when I would share the information with friends and family they would all laugh at me. They would say things like, “Get a real job, Lowe’s is hiring, Getting rich is only for famous people” And on and on. I didn’t have much support to say the least.

I spent hundreds of sleepless nights. Thousands of dollars over a year and a half trying to figure out what really worked online. Trust me, its not easy alienating yourself from friends and family. Giving up a social life. And being completely submerged in information to try and figure out this internet marketing game. There were many times that I felt like giving up and sticking to a J.O.B. Many times that I felt desperate. I felt not only alone, but helpless. There was something inside of me that told me that I must keep going. I read many books such as; Think and grow rich, You were born rich, Why we want you to be rich- just to name a few. I kept believing that I would somehow make it and figure it out and provide a better life for my kids than the one I’ve been experiencing. So I kept working. I kept learning and searching. And what I found out along my search was that I was focused on all the wrong things!

My goals were to make Millions of dollars. My goals were to be financially free. To have fancy cars and huge houses. However, I learned that in order to have all these things I must first provide value to society! I learned that we are part of a BIG plan. A plan that was created on a spiritual level to help better the lives of humanity. I have discovered that there are laws in this universe that when followed properly, we literally have limitless potential. And when you apply these principles and respect those laws- any kind of success you seek is imminent! I discovered that no matter how bad you want to have wealth, you must first seek a good enough reason as to why you want it and you have to believe you'll have it. If you don’t have a strong enough “why” or belief, the “how” will be harder to find. Once I figured out my “why” and developed belief I came across the people that changed my business and my life!

Now I have the right mentorship, the right knowledge, and the right support system that help me make not only my life better-but those that I come into contact with as well. I am now surrounded by the right people that teach me not only the “how-to” but motivate me to expand that knowledge and share that knowledge and mentorship with those who are ready.

With all this being said, I commend you for visiting my page and if there is anything I can do to help you in any way- please contact me and I will be more than happy to help you! I look forward to hearing from you soon!