About me
Hello and welcome! My name is Gerardo Flores but friends and family call me G and thank you for stopping by. My upbringing was a tough one. I came from a very abusive home and that caused me to take some bad paths in my youth. I dropped out of high school. And I sold dope to make a living after getting involved with the wrong crowd. Although this is not something that I am proud of, and I deeply regret many of the things I did in my past, there was something inside of me that told me that I would change lives and that I was destined for greatness. Because I decided to follow my intuition, I moved to Utah to escape that deadly lifestyle and start new.

Fast forward to today. I have been able to build several successful businesses, all thanks to what I have learned through SFM. The reason I chose SFM is that of the culture. Their values match my values. Their vision of changing the world is in alignment with mine. And the system they have built is phenomenal!

They have made it easy for me to "fund" my mission in life so that I can create success for myself while helping people, like yourself, to find the success and build the lifestyle you have dreamt about. Are you ready for it?

If yes, I look forward to hearing of your success!