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Sustainabilty, Rudolf Steiner, Quantum Activism, Eco Awareness, Brain science, Space, Buddhism, alte
Tennis, Skiing, Hiking, Trecking, Sailing, Surfing, Meditating
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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo Di Vinci
Jessica Grentner
Company: Net Results Marketing
Industry: Entrepreneurs & Small Business
About Me
I was born into a family who made it their business to revive struggling or bankrupt small businesses in sunny South Florida. From the trenches of family business, I went on to receive a degree in International Business and "did time" in the cubicles of investment banking. It took only a few years of the 9-5 grind, and the huge wake up call that was 9/11, before realizing my passion was for small business. Since then I have owned and managed franchise and independent businesses, at any stage from start up to established companies. In the case of my franchise business (one that in 2015 Forbes called one the best) I had been in 100's of small businesses to meet with owners and managers to discuss their challenges and market conditions. In addition to not having enough time to complete all the tasks they would like to get to to see their business grow and flourish, there was a general lack of business promotion education and training for these brave entrepreneurs. This often resulted in failure for the business, and moreover, a drain on their community. As a result, in January 2008, I launched Net Results Marketing, a creatively conscious strategy firm that caters to small businesses in need of mindful effective business development strategies. Essentially allowing the business owner to focus on their products, and my consultants to focus on getting those products into the hands of the people who desired them. In 2009, nearly 10 years after starting my first business, I came across Jay Kubassek's Black Book. Instantly I could see that he had a handle online business strategies and trends As the years went by, Jay's Black Book has developed into a online business system that I know works and that I can share with others.