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Fitness training, Watching motivational videos & documentaries, Reading marketing & mindset developm
Working on my online business, Exercising, Reading
Favorite Quotes:
"And, when you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
- Paulo Coelho
Anam Tahir
Digital Entrepreneur| Internet marketer| Avid Blogger| Coaching is my Passion|
Industry: Online Marketing
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About Me
Hi! I am Anam and I am from Pakistan.

Not too long ago I started my online entrepreneurial journey with SFM and I must say becoming a part of SFM was a life turner for me. The education and training provided by the Six Figure Mentors resulted in a whole mindset transformation and changed the way I look at things. How I stumbled upon SFM, that I'll get back to in a while. First let me tell you who I am.

Born to middle class parents in the year 1986 in Lahore, Pakistan, I was raised in the best possible way any parents could raise their child. I was given the best of education, love and care.

Like anybody else, I love spending time with my family. Not in my wildest dreams can I even think of living without my mom. She is my best friend and greatest critic.

I have deep passion for learning.

Here are a few things that I would like to share about myself. Stay tuned :)

My interests:

- Watching motivational content on YouTube and informative programs on TV - to be specific, I love watching Discovery channel, Nat Geo, Fox Traveler, Fox Life...ummm...let me add History channel to the list as well. I like watching inspirational movies..

- Fitness training. What an irony it is that as much as I'm into fitness, I hate going to the gym even more every single day!

- I love food! Another irony of my life is that my love for food has failed to spark my interest in cooking. I just hate cooking!

And when it comes to household chores I am one lazy couch potato! And by that I do not mean that I don't like things clean.

I am a cleanliness freak! Nothing could be a bigger turn off for me than a messy room, particularly kitchen and bathrooms!

- I love listening to music. Who doesn't ? ;)

I listen to all types of songs (except for rock music...To me it is just noise. No offense, but I hate it.) I love listening to soft English songs. Some of my all time favorites are, My Heart Will Go On, Hello by Lionel Richie, I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You by Richard Marx, Take My Breath Away OST Top Gun, It Must Have Been Love OST Pretty Woman, and the list goes on.

But I must add Bollywood music is my first and eternal love!

Prior to becoming an online marketer, I was a teacher (for almost 2 years) and then a freelancer (for almost 2 years). Bitter experiences in my personal life had shattered my confidence and self-esteem to pieces.

Little did I know what universe had in place for me.

What I thought to be as my greatest despair turned out to be as my greatest gift.

Only in those moments of hopelessness did I find a ray of hope, a way to success, a journey to be who I am today.

They say,

"Every cloud has a silver lining".

Sounds cliche'?...Trust me... it is true!

Stumbling across SFM by an accidental click of the mouse, turned out to be my life's most perfect mistake!

Joining SFM had been much more than embarking on an educational and training platform. The phenomenal guidance of Jay and Stuart, and the incredible support from the SFM community not only gave me back my long lost self-confidence but made me believe in my own self.

A girl who was bullied to the point where she thought of herself as being absolutely worthless and unlovable, now stands tall, with her chin up and head high, dreams big and most importantly believes in herself!

My message:

Once you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you from living your dreams!