About me
Pinoy, Filipino American, shipped from Philippines arrived in San Diego as a small child. Taught the English language from a patient first grade Teacher, Mrs. White. American Navy brat that followed on to 11 other schools before graduating high school. Once heard that adaptability is a trait sought after in life challenging careers. Undergrad and Grad school coupled with a service to our country was expected. Never really seriously applied my studies in my Business degrees with the knowledge after graduation military was next. After a world of Cold War related deployments, fell in love and married an Indiana native who I met through writing letters; we married in a small town in Denmark. Military retirement was bitter sweet mostly because the prospect of standing still challenged what was hard wired, a new challenge always on the short horizon. My last count on the number of jobs after the military is embarrassing to say the least, an insight later realized. Why the personal history rant? Found that we become what we are constantly exposed to in life. Having many vantage points enrich possibilities of Life beyond what is normally expected. You know, get a good education to land a good JOB, (Just Over Broke), stay there and retire after 30 years with hopefully all your obligations paid then quietly fade away in your later years. You ever wonder why Lemmings, Sheep, and other consumable cattle walk to their death not knowing until its too late? Thank goodness we can be awaken before its too late. This is what I am working on, to awaken the Giant within to truly experience life on our own terms. Follow me and my team on a journey of enrichment!