About me
At this point in my life I am in a transitional phase, I am 34, and have spent the past 15 years or so breakdancing with fiery passion. However, now intense physical activity is becoming harder and harder. I still breakdance as a social activity once a week, but no longer compete, or train for hours a day multiple times a week. Instead, I started swing dancing a couple years ago. I also DJ, and play the piano a bit. More than anything, I love music. All my hobbies are music oriented and I originally got into the SFM because I wanted to market myself as a DJ but instead had my eyes opened to the wonderful opportunities the SFM showed me. I am also recovering from a pretty severe concussion that I received several years ago from slamming my face into the concrete floor while breakdancing. It's been a pretty brutal and awkward recovery process, but very insightful. That being said, it has also made me reconsider my knowledge, skill sets, and financial situation. I dislike the 'party' scene so DJing, although economically viable, is not ideal for my personality. I rarely used social media at all until recently and am not particularly into it, but I am not against it either. I am here at the SFM to learn and understand social media marketing methods as well.