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Equestrian Sports, Classic Cars, Holidays
Internet Marketing kept simple but effective
Favorite Quotes:
"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off" by Michael Caine in the Italian Job released 2nd June 1969, a case of over delivering!
Kevin Humphrey
Working on my own dreams by leveraging the power of technology and the internet
Company: Kevin Paul Humphrey Limited
Industry: Making your Dreams into reality
Experience: 30 years in information technology and marketing
About Me

I'm Kevin Humphrey, I was born in Croydon Surrey in England (UK) in 1966 [ the last time England won the Football world cup ! ].

I am working with the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) as an Elite+ level and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) as a Gold Level Partner, I am training and learning and teaching others how to earn a living in the exciting online world of Digital Marketing, concentrating on setting up Affiliates schemes ( you earn a commission for introducing customers ,e.g. your website links to books page and someone follows the link and buys the latest novel and you earn a percentage of the sale price as commission).

Join me and grow your dreams into reality by leveraging the power of technology and the internet.

Have a Great Day

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