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Financial Freedom, Making Money Online, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Traffic Generation, Rugby, Football
Practicing Family Doctor in Plymouth UK; Spending time with my family; Running; Golf; Squash;
Favorite Quotes:
If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got!
I don't know anyone who really wants to spend the rest of their life chained to that 9 to 5 J.O.B. so why not get in contact with me and see how you can escape the "rat race" and enjoy the financial freedom that you both desire and deserve.
Company: SFM
Industry: Internet Marketing And Sales
Experience: Online Marketing Expert and Founding Member of SFM and DEA
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About Me
I have been in the business of making money online since 2009. I found that the turning point in my online business life was joining the SFM as one of the earliest members.
The training and support that I have had from SFM, Stuart Ross and more recently The Digital Experts Academy (Black) has been invaluable in helping me to grow as an independent online marketer and entrrepreneur.
I've experienced a lot of online business training in recent years from a wide variety of experts and am therefore ideally placed to recommend The Six Figure Mentors program to anyone who is starting out in online business or is already accomplished and ready to plug in to the the SFM system to make some serious money!
I have developed skills in website design, outsourcing, conversion optimisation, paid marketing tactics, Search Engine Optimisation, keyword research, copywriting etc etc etc. Let me help you to achieve your financial goals, develop a passive income, financial freedom and the lifestyle that you really desire by working with me within the SFM community.
I even run my own SEO service at where I can help you to rank your websites higher in the search engines to get you more traffic and sales.
I WANT TO HELP YOU make money online, develop a passive income and quit your job so that you can be free to spend time with friends and family and live the life that you deserve.