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Good Food, Self Development, Relaxation,
Surfing, Diving, Wakeboarding,
Favorite Quotes:
"You miss every shot you do not take" Wayne Gretzky
Ryan Tate
To be the absolute best version of myself and help others do the same.
Industry: Health & Fitness
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About Me
I am now in my late 30s and have spent my working life jumping from job to job, looking for greener pastures. I have worked as a Cray/Lobster fishing Deckie working 7 days a week for 7 months, starting at 5am. I have done night shift packing bricks into a jig on an assembly line at a fast pace. Worked for a month on week off swing in roof spaces banging ducting air conditioning together in a climate that is 40c plus every single day wearing full length safety clothing and breathing masks. I fixed residential ceilings and installed itchy batt insulation for years. Mixed mud for plasterers and eventually plastered walls myself, both render and white walling. I have worked as a real estate investment coach (Relationship Mgr) phoning leads when not in workshops/meetings with clients. Worked 60 hour weeks as a used car salesman. Worked on the mines (12h hour days) again in remote 40c + temperatures as a Reverse Circulation Drillers Offsider.

If it is a shitty testing job, I have done it. I am not afraid of hard work. My downfall has been searching for the golden bullet. I have worked online for the past 12 months and had little success. One positive is I am now aware I can find a solution and learn anything despite not being trained in using technology. I am consistent. Even when on holidays I still work on having a presence online. I have no doubt at all that I have the work ethic needed to persevere and take massive action.

My why is family. They have never whinged or expressed frustration with doing it tough. Although I have worked my ass off over the years we have only ever just got through There is always more month at the end of the money. A massive driver for me is being able to take the family out without having to add up the cost as we go, in case we go over what we have budgeted for the night. Also being able to take my lovely fiance out for say a seafood dinner and not share a meal because we love that style of food but need to watch the pennies. Having security to not stress if we have an issue with our car or a major unexpected bill come in that we are able to sort it without shuffling funds or waiting for 2 weeks until our next payday. Another driver is not building someone elses dreams, but putting time and effort into our future. When working as a Relationship Manager with property investors we would delve into their goals and use scare tactics to secure a commitment from them in regards to investing. We would make them aware of the fact that most of us arent prepared for an illness or loss of job. Or the fact that most us have enough super to live the life we desire for about 6-8 years, not the 25+ we may last. When leveraged to the hilt with no back up plan, we are a slave to The Man. I will have the peace of mind that if I am made redundant or if a family member needs my care I am able to support myself and family for a long long time. I strive to have a diverse range of residual/passive income. I will invest in property for both income and long term growth. One driver is to acquire commercial properties with nice long secure leases being paid. My fiance started a community based mobile App to warn fellow water users of sharks or closed beaches. I will start other projects such as this. Where the work is put in and once produced has the ability to feed income well after completion. Time freedom is probably the main driver for marketers and I am no different. To have the geographical freedom to work from ANYWHERE is something constantly on my mind. Life is very short, I feel strongly about being in a region of the world warm and appealing to enjoying the outdoors daily. whether it be exercising, playing sport, surfing, dining outdoors on a balmy night or any number of things. Even little things like having a private ensuite situated outdoors is an experience that has stayed with me since experiencing it at a flash hotel on the Gilli Islands in Indonesia. I will start a foundation or legacy to help the under privileged, with a focus on children. I feel strongly that far too many kids are living a hell on earth. Over 80,000 children go missing every year in India alone.