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Social Media, Gardening, High Functioning Autism, Photography, learning new skills, Uganda, Holacast
Running [ slowly], Computer, Networking, Swimming, Bike Riding, Photography
Favorite Quotes:
"What are you waiting for! "

The first step out the door is the biggest fear to face. [annon]
Susan Lewis
When I am the happiest, most productive at creatively living, the freedom of knowledge and to create is actioned within an Incredible journey called life. With such an incredible journey within and out of life there are several books in different stages of being written.
Industry: Community Development with Social Media
Experience: 12 years
About Me
. Three things people need to know about Susan. There is a 'child like' innocence combined with the viable need to learn and build a knowledge basis that somehow just flows into the making of life into an incredible journey.

Susan's attitude to life, how life experiences and the second chances one gets given, is surprising to many people. Until they care to dig deep and find out how her mind works. What strikes is the realisation that she will not ask you to do something she does not know how to do herself unless she is sure you have the knowledge and will gradually teach her along the way as well.

At first glance, people question just who is this Susan. Sometimes dynamic vivacious and bubbly. Or is the real Susan the reserved and off in a world of her own.personal and business. Both of these merging balance into the Susan that she simply is.

Susan began to question, to search for answers and slowly build a workable knowledge basis twice in life. Once at birth. The second after a truck hit the vehicle she was driving and her mind just lockeddown resulting in a need to find the knowledge and just learn - filling the gaps.

Sometimes you feel calm within her presence. Other times it's as though you want whatever it is that she has tapped into to find you stored your childlike innocence

Whatever it is about Susan, her belief that there is An Incredible Journey that is called life, soon becomes apparent.