About me
I want to show you-you shouldnt be ashamed or afraid of your past or future failings or mistakes, those experiences shape us, have enabled us to learn and grow.

8 years ago my successful online business was booming. I was on top of the world and Passionate about my work and dancing salsa 4 plus nights a week. I worked not more than 4 hours a day. It was a change from my 60-80 hour week working for Social Services assessing peoples needs, and only getting paid 37 hours.

I then entered into an exciting new relationship, it felt like a big adventure. He had 2 young children aged 3 and 5 years old, and a grown-up girl.
I had been living my dream in the country for 8 years until I moved to the City to be with him.

I had a business development plan, opened a shop in the city but couldnt divide my time between being step mum, partner, my online shop, and life.
The relationship was difficult, he was controlling and cheated on me several times. I made a decision to sacrifice my own needs and closed the shop and wound down the business to save the relationship despite alarm bells going off, I felt I could help him change.
The relationship didnt change I couldnt rescue him, it wasnt good for me or the family. I left a wreck with very little, to live in a caravan in Cornwall with my puppy Mila. I was depressed, alone, at rock bottom and couldnt ask for help as I didnt know how to, I had no strength, so that left me with no support. The only thing that got me out of bed was Mila my dog.

The pain of all those losses was horrendous, and his damaging words and lies echoed in my head, and still stay with me as a reminder that I never want to be treated like that again, and ensures that I surround myself with people who see my worth and respect me. I reflect on how good and different my life is today. When I left I was empty, felt guilty for leaving the children and ashamed that I had given up.

Sometimes our lives are completely shaken up and rearranged to relocate us to the place we were meant to be.

Now nearly 3 years on Mila has been a mum, she had 8 pups. I live in a shared rented house with supportive friends and rekindled my family relationships which were lost due to my relationship.

I remained self-employed this time as a Housekeeper/cleaner.

I felt unfulfilled

I frequently questioned myself about my lifestyle and searched for something that might change the way I felt. Why was life so hard I thought?

Friends, family, the news and social media all talk of scary global uncertainties and more and more we are moving to a digital economy.
With this in mind, I realized I needed to change.

What do I want?

I want financial freedom and peace of mind, the benefit of working the hours I choose. Id like to have my own business but get some help from professionals that can teach and support me. Id like a house with land to grow food, a view of the sea and in nature, I want to be able to do the things I want when I want to, I want a new camera to capture my memories and share my creative talent. Id like to help others recognize their own potential and show them how they can make their dreams reality.

My reflections:

I know what it takes to run a business and let it go. I know how it feels to work so hard and make personal sacrifices for others and not reap the rewards. I know how it feels to be undervalued, to not be using my skills, wasting my potential, being used, going nowhere, not wanting to get up in the morning, being at rock bottom, not knowing how Ill pay my rent.

I understand.

If you are feeling any of these or many others I can list. You need to take a reality check.

Ask yourself the questions I did:

Is this how its going to be?
Are you happy?
Are you who you want to be?
What do you want?
How are you going to get it?
Dellys lifestyle now.

SFM is showing me to see my potential, use disused skills, overcome obstacles especially the technical ones! Im not great with computers but I work hard and motivated to learn. They have provided a supportive like-minded community, where you can trust, grow and believe again. I am finding my voice and discovering where I can help and be of value. I want to show you that you can create your own lifestyle.

Its up to you, its your choice. You CAN do it. You can change your life.
Here is an opportunity to be part of a community that will help you achieve the freedom and benefits you want for Your Dream Lifestyle.