About me
Personal story
"A very warm welcome to my personal web page...." " If you are anything like me 'you like to improve your income potential and acquire expert digital business skills and know more about creating a digital life '. I' ll explain why I have started my journey, but first of all, let me tell you a little about myself...." My name is Reginald Dontache and I work as a nurse by day and at my spare time, I work on the internet learning digital marketing skills and build my business online. The reason why I started learning business skills was because I wanted to start a business online and have a control of my future. I wanted more control in the way I worked as compared to the job I was doing, I wanted to have more free time to enjoy the lifestyle I wanted....I realised with the normal working patterns that I was pretty much working many hours with very little chance of earning any more money, together with the commute to work and sometimes working unsocial hours. Having discovered The Six Figure Mentors and The Digital Experts Academy....my eyes were opened to a whole lot of new possibilities.I recognized that here was an opportunity for me to change my status quo. I started a personal website because I wanted to meet and network with other like-minded digital entrepreneurs and help them discover a better alternative just like I did". In my goals for 2016 is to build a large and successful Team of Digital Entrepreneurs, Improve further on my digital business skills and influence others to create a successful digital life.

A little about myself
I am a Digital Entrepreneur and Internet Business Mentor. I love the reading, the outdoors and golf when time and resources allow, I am a married father of four beautiful children living in the UK. Having worked for the Health Service as a Registered Nurse for several years, I was looking for a way to start my own business and make real second income when I came across the Six Figure Mentors, Digital Bloggers and the Digital Experts Academy. The digital business strategies and techniques I have been taught at The Six Figure Mentors and The Digital Experts Academy have helped me to start off internet marketing the right way, today I am prepared to share these valuable skills with yourself so you can also start creating your own successful digital life. I have a soft spot for children and my favourite charities are Save The Children, Unicef and the Nelson Mandela Charity Fund...