About me
Due to the Oil & Gas downturn last year, I started searching for new business opportunities back in November 2015 and I decided that I was going to make this work. Therefore, I committed myself to this business, but as I was progressing I realized that it was important for me to get support in order to improve. So I talked to my first cousin, JC, and I showed him the information; at first he was somewhat reluctant but decided to join and help me. In March of this year, JC had the opportunity to go to NYC to a Platinum Event, and after that he was sold out and fully committed to this endeavor. When I asked him what helped him change his mindset, his answer was direct and to the point "the people that I met are wonderful, caring and not only do they want to share their knowledge, they make you part of the SFM family; that is what convinced me that this is REAL!"
Now we are working together and are doing our best to help others and to provide opportunities to anyone that desires a new lifestyle.