About me
Acknowledged to be on the Autism Spectrum

Add to this truck implosion in 1991 brought a choice to protect 'inner self" from harm. Thus chose to 'enter' into deep-Post Traumatic Schok arena.

Bumbled into an email that opened the doors to humanity. In this case, something Susan Lewis mind was wanting to catch up too.

Now life has changed. Susan is totally aware of needing the Absolute Total Truth in her life. Make a mistake is acceptable. Hide the truth about knowing the mistake happened and that's a lie.

The truth is that choosing to protect you is heroic. Mustering the choice to go back to alter the circumstances now happening and choosing then to ignore the voice... means you are in a circle of lying to yourself.

Through this community as Susan reprogrammed her brain to relearn to learn massive moments of momentum were followed by confusion. Sleep. Pop-ups.

Welcome to that catch 22 situations. The pain becomes a behavior avoidance pattern. Change the pattern through actions. Reactions. Repetition, Truth. Absolute Total Truth. Deal with the fallout.

As the brain redirected upturned memory filing cabinets. Largely the pieces of the multidimensional invisible jigsaws in life each of us uniquely creates have now been carefully filed.

Add into life "Love, Faith, Joy, Happiness and a Smile or two," accomplishments, encouragement. Supported growth. Challenges.

Discovery of who the two pasts of Susan really are. Now you logically end up with a Phon. [combination of the phoenix and a the dragonette.]

And wouldn't you believe it Susan is fascinated with the challenges of sound waves to the life forces! Especially how these life forces affect the Autism traits, behavior management, and joy of the people within the surrounds of the spectrum.