About me
Building Autistic, Online And Loving IT Communities is that combined passion that drives Susan forward. Susan herself has strong Autistic Spectrum traits. Both sides of the parental family and forebears plus of course right down to her great-grandchild show these signs and tendencies. Therefore this Autistic life is a normaily for Susan to see the world through.

What disturbs Susan is the fear that people have of the wonderful gifts and talents that are a normal part of being human. So much so there is often a denial within the people themselves as the circle of influences uses these gifts and talents to their own advantage and further exploitation of the people within the Autism Spectrum generated is then compounded.

Many Autism persons therefore drop out under the radar. Nothing to show for their lives effectively having either given all away, walking away - physically or mentally, or hidden everything, every part of themselves even from themselves.

Three things people need to know about Susan. There is a 'child like' innocence combined with the viable need to learn and build a knowledge basis that somehow just flows into the making of life into an incredible journey.

Read further. Gain that precious understanding of how a one person movement to change the world has begin, Be part of the information spread that will bring equality of life to all on the neuro-diverse range of people now encapsulated under this "Autism Spectrum Disorder" that includes anyone who has a trigger effect behaviour within their brain. Yes! Even epileptic peoples. People with strong mental of physical focus over their body are included. To survive being an Autistic Person in this world they need an inner strength. Welcome this inner strength into your lives.

Gaining that understanding of herself as well as most people not being aware of the importance of how Autistics view their world, Susan now allows people to see what used to be considered private glimpses of her life. Welcome to the rich and ever increasing diversity with in blog posts, websites, events, videos, quotes and all the systems used via social media sharing that Susan makes use of.

Realize the outcome to be achieved is for each person within the world to just accept people with these strong traits being made use of by employers, and the people of the world around them

Susan's attitude to life, how life experiences and the second chances one gets given, is surprising to many people. Until they care to dig deep and find out how her mind works. What strikes is the realisation that she will not ask you to do something she does not know how to do herself unless she is sure you have the knowledge and will gradually teach her along the way as well. The second thing that strikes is that she just dies not understand her own quirky way of seeing things interconnect comes out and leaves people dumbfounded.

At first glance, people question just who is this Susan. Sometimes dynamic vivacious and bubbly. Or is the real Susan the reserved and off in a world of her own.personal and business. Both of these merging balance into the Susan that she simply is.

Susan began to question, to search for answers to slowly build a workable knowledge basis twice in life. Once at birth. The second after a truck hit the vehicle she was driving and her mind just locked-down resulting in a need to find the knowledge and just learn - relearn to constantly be filling the gaps.

Sometimes you feel calm within her presence. Other times it's as though you want "whatever it is" that she has tapped into to find your own childlike innocence once again.

Whatever it is about Susan, her belief that there is An Incredible Journey that is called life, soon becomes apparent. Joining in the awareness of Autism As A Gift is for those personally touched within and on the Autism Spectrum. See Autism As A Gift is for everybody the world over to support. As well as the after effects of people who experience head injury and are needed to relearn to live.