About me
I am a free spirit who loves to work on my own terms. I have just launched my first company, which is a tea business and I want to have this brand established internationally as it's a passionate pass-time of mine and it's a unique way to promote health and wellness.
I would also love to run my own massage company. There is a niche market in my home vicinity and I am a qualified sports remedial therapist. I can't massage anymore but to be proactive with what I can do - I love the idea I can utilise my skills and knowledge by running a high-quality mobile massage business in my area. I aim to be running meditations with my friend's business, of which I can build my own YouTube account with.
I aim to build an affiliate business later on using the solid foundation of already built and scaled a successful business with the sfm education.

I love to ski, meditation, yoga, making jewellery with silver & beads, baking cakes.
I love to fundraise for Help Refugees Foundation. I am also planning to volunteer at the local hospice.