About me
I am a free spirit who loves to work on my own terms. I did the whole corporate lifestyle for a while in the City of London and after several years I realised it had ground me down and sucked my soul dry! I ended up so depressed and lost in the thinking that this is all there is to life. Surely not?!
I quit that job and retrained in healing therapies and thoroughly enjoyed my new direction in life. I had a purpose, meaning and I got a real buzz out of helping people.
Unfortunately, I sustained multiple injuries over the years through my love for skiing and mountain biking and this eventually led to a chronic condition called Fibromyalgia.
My whole world had changed and I found myself yet again looking at lifestyle redesign in order to seek out an alternative career that is kinder to my body, yet still allows me the freedom and flexibility I desire out of life. I am an adventurer by heart and wanderlust leads me. With the full flexibility to work for myself, choose my hours and to be able to work from anywhere in the world.
Through experience I have found that certain disciplines of yoga and meditation really help me to manage my condition and this has lead me to where I am now, which is currently learning to teach yoga and meditation with the aim to assist others to heal their past traumas and gain a better standard of living.

I have found freedom and flexibility through Six Figure Mentors and it's truly changed my life! And because of this, I want to do what I can to help others realise there is a fully supported system right here that can help others to also realise their dreams of a laptop lifestyle on their terms.
If you are finding that your 9-5 job doesn't resonate with you and there's that niggling feeling that there's something better for you out there, be strong, be brave and take the leap. Trust me, it's worth everything!

There are three C's in life that can change everything: Choices, Chances and Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance, or your life will never change.

Just imagine the freedom to travel anywhere in the world and work from your laptop on an exotic island off the coast of Malaysia. Or to only have to work for an hour a day and have more time for your family and friends and to do all the things in life you never have time for.