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Trish Davies

Ever since Trish was young she has always wanted to travel the world, to feel free and independent and to make decisions on her own that was not dependant on anyone or anything else. Travel makes her feel alive and in touch with new experiences all the time. Experiences that helped her to move out of a troubled scene as a teenager to becoming the successful business owner she is today.

Born in Luton, England, in 1967 Trish Davies and her family immigrated to Sydney in 1977. After leaving school at 15 she studied accounting at College and spent the next 15 years working as an accountant. A marriage breakdown and then two years later her husband passed tragically in a motorcycle accident, left Trish with no money and a lot of decisions to make, one of which was to go to university to study commerce full-time. On graduation she took a role as a corporate accountant with local government.

For almost four years she worked in local government in finance. She worked in jobs she did not like, answering to a boss she did not respect, working in a building with no windows and mixing with people she wouldn't choose to mix with. She made a decision back then that this was not the vision for her.

Trish left the corporate accounting job in 2005 after purchasing multiple investment properties in the Hunter Valley. After rehabbing these properties and adding value to them, she rented the properties out. Trish was featured in The Sunday Telegraph with one of her rehabbed properties in an article titled Making a Contribution to the Renovation Boom.

Months after leaving her job in 2005 Trish travelled to the United States to seek out the best in coaching and mentoring. Bob Proctor, Loral Langemeier and Jay Abraham which took her on a journey of self-discovery and wealth creation. While travelling she built her property portfolio in the US. These networks gave her lots of cash flow opportunities in business and real estate.

Trish has always had a love and passion for real estate. She would view homes for sale on weekends just for FUN. She enjoys finding houses where she knows she can add value to them. She has viewed, purchased and rehabbed hundreds of homes and this evolved into a real estate investment business, where other Australians would invest in these houses. Trish currently has a multi-corporate strategy in the United States owning several companies. She continues to buy real estate in the US and offers this education online to others through her which is a real estate coaching company.

Trish appears in a book with 15 other successful woman titled Ms Millionaire.

Encourage and inspire others by seeing in them what they cant always see in themselves

Trish worked on a project to bring over an international entrepreneur and real estate investor from the US to Australia to start her training company on wealth building. That same year Trish joined a network marketing company and took it international to 750 distributors worldwide. Trish found her personal and professional development grew exponentially over the following 5 -10 years.

Trish attended a Tony Robbins live event in Sydney - Unleash The Power Within. She was not really sure what would happen during that event! But when she received a 9-page disclaimer to read over and sign on arrival, she knew something quite unusual was about to happen. And once she entered the arena, she saw 4 giant screens showing blazing fire pits! It was then she realised these were the fire pits for the FIREWALK. And she was scared! So along with the other 5000 people there, she did the fire walk and came away unscathed. This set her up for huge transformation over the following 3 days. It really was a huge turning point for her, in mindset, personal development and health.

A friend introduced Trish to the idea of moving her international real estate investment business from a one-on-one consulting business to an online business. This is when Trish really discovered how to leverage through the power of the Internet. In 2016 Trish started a coaching business helping other businesses to take their products and services online so they too could experience the freedom and flexibility of operating a business online.