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Life is to short to be wasted.

The other day while going through google search looking for a busines idea, I came across many Get rich quickly schemes. I am a person who has worked 40 to 80 hours a week to give my family a good lifestyle they deserve. I had saved some money as a start up Capitol. This money , I didnot want to squander on Foolish and dupious schemes.

I thought of trying out Franchise as it is suppose to be a beneficial to both parties. But then I saw Shops closing down due to recession. I wanted to start on my own , Digital Marketing was een ideal option.

If we look at the numbers Digital Marketing vs Phisical business , we can see digital marketing climbing upwards and phisical shops / businesses going down.

This program offers both education, digital skils and Laptop lifestyle to earn money manyfolds.

The only catch is how much input in time and hard work we put in along with a startup Capitol.