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I am Rajesh Khanna, originally from India, now residing in Netherlands, Holland since the year 1992.

When I came to Netherlands in 1992, there was shortage of jobs, blue chip companies were leaving Europe for better cheaper labour. I had a degree in science and post graduation in computer science. I did not know the local language The Dutch. I went to school to learn it. After completing my language skills course, I went looking for a suitable job. But to my frustation , there was long waiting list in IT industry.

I was married to a beautiful woman originally from Punjab, india. I had responsibilities but no means to fulfill them. My wife went to work part-time because she was al staying in Netherlands for last 20 years, it was easier for her to get a job. 

I went back to school to learn techincal skills, so that I could get a job in a Good factory. I studied for around two years , I got my diploma and started working.

As the time passed, I started earning a good figure salary, we got two beautiful children , one boy and one girl. Our family was complete. We bought a big house, it was expensive but our family was growing and children needed seperate rooms.

We had everything we desired, two cars, one big house, two lovely children, good salary. Then came a crunch, Big Banks and monetary sound companies started to fail. it was total economic failure all around us. My company decided to shift its base to cheaper locations in Azie. I was again without work.

Luckely my wife a government servant and I was going to get 70% of my pay cheque for couple of years as compensation. But it was not enough for the lifestyle we were used to enjoy.

After seeing total countries monetary failure, I decided to start on my own. I had saved up some money and I wanted to look for a sound franchise company. To my avail, I saw franchised businesses fail.

Then I got aquinted with digital marketing, and I saw a opportunity for my livelihood. I applied to Six figure mentors via an advertisement and learned more about the program. I decided to join their program as an enterpreneur and be my own boss and live the lifestyle we desired and always wanted.

We as a family are happy that I started with six fiqure Mentors as a member and affiliate.