About me
I had been working as a sales person for a B2B Marketing software company called Lead Forensics, for 4 1/2 years. After reaching the top 2 of the entire 130+ sales floor globally (Frustratingly there was this one guy called Neill Murphy who would still often beat me!), I had the realization that there must be more to life than working 70 hours per week chasing sales targets, no matter how close to the six figure salary I got. What's the point in earning lots of money, if all you're doing is spending all your waking life chasing more of it right?

I started looking into ways to leverage the internet, because as Robert Kiyosaki ("Rich Dad Poor Dad") teaches, exchanging time for money is not the route to passive income and wealth. Like a lot of people who look into online marketing, I initially came across a whole lot of "using this proven method you'll be making 50,000 a month by next month!" BS. Unfortunately, a click button system that prints money and won't take any effort to set up, does not exist. Sorry if that's disappointing to hear.

However what I learnt, is that the real experts in the industry all follow the same sorts of strategies and have the same entrepreneurial mindsets and approaches towards making money online. They also generally tell it how it is; it will take a huge amount of commitment and a lot of hard work, but if you're prepared to put the time in and learn how to make money online, then you can reap some incredible financial rewards. Best of all once you've created a system that converts, it's simply about increasing the input at the front end. Then, you can leave it running in the background, while you travel the world, or do whatever you would like to do with your free time! As long as you have a laptop with an internet connection, that's all you need to continue to generate passive income.

I'm a strong believer in goal setting, focusing on your vision, and ultimately creating the life that you want for yourself through hard work and determination. 95% of people are creatures of circumstance, only 5% are creators of circumstance. That's who I am, and that's who I hope to inspire to take the leap of faith and become the person who they truly want to be.