About me
I would love for my online business to provide me and my family a wealthy income, to help us travel and move to live where our heart desires. In the mean while, I intend to use the skills I receive here to promote my craniosacral clinic while I learn how to be a successful afilliate marketer . I have a dream to open BCST (Bio Dynamic Craniosacral Therapy) clinics that are easy to access and affordable for people with special needs and also help promote this service for moms and newborns in hospitals. These are dreams I would love to make come true, since I love BCST so much and know its benefits. I need to take care of me and my family first and along the way. That is the great opportunity I see here.
love love love being with my family. My dream is to have enough money to have the freedom to peruse the things I love and to be at ease financially so that we can in a good head space to continue to invest in ourselves and our dreams.