About me
We know that distance never separates two hearts that really care for each other. Still, being away from home four days per week because of the work put a lot of strain on the whole family. Our goal is to finally spend a life together, building our own business from home and enjoy the digital economy.

We are both sports enthusiast with long training history, enjoying contact with nature. Living in a flat does not allow us this kind of life often so our dream is to build our own house on the outskirts of the city.

We want to provide value to other people like us too. There are a lot of people afraid to start their own business because of the fear what might happen down the road. Our intention is to provide them with this information with our blog which will record week by week happenings when you start your business with SFM.

Someone says: We are a perfect couple, just not in the perfect situation.
And we are about to change this.