About me
I came to the SFM with the goal of creating a passive income for myself so that I am able to apply myself to work and activities which give me real purpose, and to eventually live in a space where I am living according to what is real to me.
I have spent many years travelling on and off, volunteering in different countries on a number of amazing projects, but I knew I needed to develop a lifestyle without interruptions; without the 'stop-start' momentum and turn it into a sustainable way of being. The SFM has given me abundant hope and realistic goals to achieve this. To say I am alined with the training is an understatement; I feel part of something truly bigger than myself.
I am currently studying Herbalism alongside my training with the SFM and DEA, marrying this with my training in Massage Therapy, Yoga Teacher Training and Permaculture Education. A branch in my tree of goals is to utilise my skills and create an ever developing holistic space to help others find connection and well-being.