About me
I am amultimedia graduate, specifically in Computer Games Development. I can say that I am anoptimistic type of guy who loves to learn the different world cultures and travel around the world. Aside from that, Ilovethe exploration of knowledge; learning and researching many factual things, especially in the field of science, politics and lifestyle.Life went smoothly for most parts of my life, however, after finishing as an undergraduate, I found a different spark in life. I found out that travelling is where my pleasure in life comes from. Due to the fact that I got demotivated by the work lifestyle of my career. It is a work environment where it needs me to be in a confined space for long periods. I spend around 12 hours or more, stuck in a chair developing or coding something. The environmentis the same all the time, and I envied a work-life where it asks me to be out and experience new.

I then tried to pursue this ideal lifestyle that involves me travelling but was unsuccessful tofind a full-time career.Eventually one day, I got a call from a good friend and former boss, whom Ihelped and worked on the IT aspects during the startup of his business.He then told and sharedwithme an opportunity of a lifetime, where it matches my ideal lifestyle. I then eventually teamed up with Joseph in creating DigiTimeFreedom at the beginning of 2018 and we will bring out our very best to be successful in this business and achieve ourgoals.

For ages, I worked for somebody else in the corporate world trading my precious time for money. As always, "there's so much month left over at the end of the money." Not until I stumbled to an offline business, direct sales, which became my bread and butter until now. I was blessed to be in a position of a Director of this company. I was excited at first thinking I will have more time freedom. Don't get me wrong, earning 5 to 6 figure income in a few months time is an envy in a community of people working 9-5 job! I became their hero, and many follow my footstep through our proven system that evolved since inception. Many of them are broke, living in debt and just working to survive. It was my vision to help as many people as I could since I have this fortune.

The dark side: I woke up one midday, about 12:30 pm, nobody at home except me. Very hungry and still half-slept when I came to my senses holy cow, what am I doing with my life? I have to stay till 3 in the morning from a long journey, bring recruits to our training centre. I've never been busier all of my life until I get into this business. No time for my wife, no the for my kids, no time for my church, no time to go out with friends! I have to hit the road almost every day to reach customers and train my people in the field. No time for luxurious travel but always work-related. Too much complaint from clients and agents, too much politics, high overheads etc. That particular moment became my wake-up call. I began searching for an answer.

Not too long ago I came across with SFM. Was sceptical at first since I had a bad experience in an online business in 2010. But because it's in my daily routine to watch a motivational video or read books before I do anything else in the morning, some SFM members are flooding my favourite videos with ads at the beginning. I keep skipping the ads as I lost my belief in any online business. I always thought this are scammers! With due respect to the SFM community, one guy catches my attention because of our shared belief, and I was employed once in the country where he lives. My curiosity aroused and ended up signing to his ad.

Reviewing all contents and information of SFM/DEA platform and the untiring support of the community. Pushing you towards your goal, helping you get unstuck along your journey, I decided to stay here for life helping more opportunity seekers like me to get what you want as fast as you want to get it. What propels me to move on to the next level is to accept failure but no room for not trying. For the pain of regret weighs more than the pain of failure! We have one life to live. We have the choice to live to its fullest.