About me
I am a forty nine year old ,father of 2 lovely children and business owner. I am a product of the baby boomer period I have led a very varied past . Born in the U.K with Cypriot background on my mothers side. My Granddad was from Cyprus from a little village called Yialousa. He came to U.K when he was 17 He owned a restaurant in Margate. I used to work there in the summer holidays. I seemed to have a natural flare for catering so when I left school I enrolled into catering college and took a diploma in Hotel and Catering management. In hindsight I wish I took the more practical hands on course as when I left and started to work in a Restaurant based in Bristol I learnt more in two weeks than the two years at college. I worked two years in Bristol as a waiter and a chef until I was in the position to open my own restaurant . I enjoyed it for a while but I didn't own the business it owned me and I got itchy feet and sold it to travel the world.