About me
I worked as a Sewing Instructor for Levi Strauss & Co. for 12 years while raising my three children as a single parent. Until all of the manufacturing jobs were moved overseas. I was devastated.

I then went to College and became a Physical Therapist Assistant which I have been for 18 years. As the years went on I felt grateful to help others, although I had this underlying unhappiness. I felt stuck in a 9-5 job and longing to know if this was it. Is this all there is in life to work until you are so physically and mentally exhausted you cannot even enjoy spending time or even having the time to spend with family? My grandkids would say .Nana just tell your Boss you dont want to work anymore because I miss you so much! I also make just enough money to get by. I rarely could take time off financially or allowed to by my employer.
That gave me the drive to search for a solution! I was watching a youtube video and clicked on an ad that screamed out to me SOLUTION! I listened to Stuart Ross (my Mentor) and was empowered to start my own business and become my own boss. I have learned so much and currently still growing my business with continuous support from a community of like-minded positive people that build me up and help me improve my business.

I am now a Digital Entrepreneur. I run a Business online using automated systems. This process is largely automated, so my Business runs whether I am awake, sleeping, relaxing on the beach, playing with my grandbabies, traveling, working, having fun etc

I am also an Affiliate Marketer as I recommend great products and services to those that find value in them and I receive a commission for doing so.
I inspire others who would like to live a laptop lifestyle like I found.