About me
Hello! Naomi Wilson here.
I am a full-time mom, a blogger and affiliate marketer.
I was born and raise on the beautiful sunshine island of Jamaica. Move to Canada in 2014 where I worked has food counter attendant. l enjoy working out and other physical activities but most of all I love and really enjoy being a mom to my beautiful baby boy.
Who came into my life has a surprise but an absolute miracle a perfectly divine timing who love and adore endlessly.

I am a foodie but always try to eat healthy I enjoy trying new dishes and international cuisine I also loves travelling seeing new places and meeting new people is a passion of mine.

I am extremely passionate about personal development, living my life with purpose and being of value to others.

This has fueled my dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur and living my best life into an obsession of not only dreaming big but also playing big and pushing my boundaries by letting my light shine.
A force to be reckon with, but not as a competition has a mentor, a leader and a friend and its my goal and intention to help and inspire others to do the same.

I wasn't always this optimistic, for a long time I struggled with my own insecurities of feeling and thinking I wasn't worthy of anything good, becoming successful or capable of achieving my dreams as a matter of fact I didn't even dare to dream.

Like seriously! I was just going through the motions just living on auto-pilot I really believed I had no potential, I never had any special talents (or so I was told) nor felt deeply passionate about anything, so I tell myself oh well.... then you are just another regular person living a regular life.

That is; to work hard, go to school study hard get an education, leave school and maybe go to UNI or college consider yourself lucky if you get a job right out leaving school and hope that the pay is good so that you will able to pay back your student loan and live off the change for another few years.

Hate MONDAYS and love FRIDAYS or whenever you get your days off. Having the TGIF syndrome
(living only for the weekends).

Working hard and slaving away your life and time to build someone else ideas and dreams only to retire after another 30/40 years and hope you have enough money saved up to live a okay life and then try to enjoy your life.


Even though I didn't think or felt I was special, I always had a desire of wanting and achieving more and working hard for what I wanted, but wasn't exactly sure how I was going to achieve it.

After working in a few jobs over the years I realize how much I hated it. I really do not like micro management just the thought of someone watching over my head, my every move for 8 hours per day 5 days per week, telling me what to do, how to do it, when to do it, what and how to dress for work and then dictating how much I earned for obeying. which is paying you just enough to keep you. Never being able to earned enough to live the life I wanted and always feeling unappreciated.

It was this frustration and the desire to be there for my son that started to awake something in me that burning desire of wanting and achieving more for my life, friends and families.

I would listen to motivational speakers(one of my favorite is Les Brown) read self- improvement books and articles ( one of which is rich dad, poor bad by Robert Kiyosaki). which really help fuel the fire a little more but I still wasn't exactly sure how I was going to achieve this for my life.

After starting and not succeeding at two different business ventures, I now realize that it wasn't only a lack of know how but a lack of mindset change, in order for one to become successful and improvement their life a mindset change will have to take place (which I explore on more in my article 5 tips to living a happy and fulfilling life).

After a very long search eventually I found the (SFM) Six Figure Mentors company that has help me to do exactly that, CHANGE MY MINDSET AND MY LIFE by coaching and mentoring me to become the best me and live a life with PURPOSE, MEANING and FINANICAL FREEDOM which most of us wants, right?

I used to think that being successful meant only making a lot of money. I now realize that is not so, who would have thought that becoming apart of a company for the main reason of gaining financial freedom would also change your mindset and build your personal development.

I have cultivated and develop a growth mindset, which enhance my ability to commit and dedicate myself to work on getting out of my comfort zone, out of the rat race in order to improved and developed my life, so that I can grasp at every opportunity to live a lifestyle of choice on my own terms and by my own design, to travel when, where and for however long I want. To be able to write my own schedule, write my own pay check. Just take control of my life in a way that's rewarding and fulfilling.


So if you are like me just craving a to live your best life, come join me, lets crushed it together.
Don't just watched from the side lines.

With Love

Naomi Wilson


Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity.
It's your place in the world; it's your life.
Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live.