About me
Hello & Welcome

I'm Danielle

Animal Lover | Seeker | Visionary | Advocate for Personal Empowerment | Crystal Obsessive | Creative Expressive | Coach & Entrepreneur

I'm also a marketer and enjoy the freedom that comes with earning income online by talking about the things I'm most passionate about in life.

Learning how to market online has been life-changing for me as I discovered a clear way to tap into the online market so I can have the lifestyle I've always wanted.

I've made it my purpose to help other people do the very same thing, after all, doesn't everyone dream of the freedom to live anywhere, follow their passions and have an income that is only limited by the amount of work they choose to put in?

My story
I'm all about walking my own my path. I'm a passionate digital entrepreneur, setting my own hours, and working from anywhere I choose and doing the things I love.

Personal Development
For as long as I can remember personal development has been a driving force in my life. From wellbeing to wealth creation. Its who I am and its what I love to do.

Self Discovery
My passion for self-discovery began in Nepal at age 18, I volunteered in a preschool for five months. While there I learned Vipassana Meditation during 10 days of silence in a Kathmandu monastery.

In later years I walked on hot coals when I attended Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins. And in 2015 I participated in T Harv Ekers Quantum Leap program. It was on this program I found myself a member of a tribe of incredible people from across the globe while in a Malaysian forest!

I learned that when we start living our life authentically AND then, give back as part of a community, we become true leaders.

Finding My Purpose
I guess I was a late bloomer, the 1st half of my working life I bounced from one industry to the next, searching for something that would fulfil me. When I finally got real with myself I noticed I was already doing what I wanted to do I just hadn't figured out how to get paid to do it.

The Online Education & Community that Changed Everything
A pivotal moment for me was coming across an online education program and global community of digital entrepreneurs, marketing trainers, inspiring coaches, and supportive community members just like me to connect and share my journey with.

Through accessing ongoing mentoring and training I furthered my knowledge and skills as a coach and a leader. I learned how to generate consistent income online; without having to quit my day job while developing the skills needed to succeed.

What Does All This Mean for You?
Now, as an active member of this education program and online community, I help people align with their core values to start realizing the lifestyle they really want to live.

We know the world is changing and now more than ever is the time for people to create a life of their choosing, on their terms, to pursue what they love in life. The online marketplace is growing and I'm here to show you how this is all possible.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Love & Light