About me
Hey you!
Awesome that you are here! Just like you I was looking for ways to be able to work around my life and not live around my work. The SFM was a completely new concept to me, but right from the start, in my gut, I knew it was right. Currently, me (Nicole) and my boyfriend Robin are working together on achieving our ultimate (laptop) lifestyle and we are so excited about it every single day. A life where we can travel and do anything we want, whilst inspiring others to do the same by sharing our videos, photographs and support. SFM made Robin and me a team, which is one of the most important things that has happened to us on this journey. We are constantly bursting with ideas for our new life and how we will share it with the world. And another thing, while we're having so much fun, new commissions just keep on coming in. Our snowball is rolling, let's make them roll for others too!