About me
Hi, Im Helen Barton Personal Fitness Trainer turned Digital Entrepreneur.

I joined the SFM digital online community in March 2016, in order to create my own online business, to enable me to work from home.

I now promote access to like-minded people, who are interested in an amazing educational platform to learn the necessary skills for use on their own entrepreneurial journey.

In simple terms, this means that I run a business on the internet and use automated systems to get my message in front of people who may be looking for a solution to their present lifestyle questions.

I am also an affiliate marketer, which means that I recommend educational products and services to others, who I believe will find value in those products and services and then I receive a commission for doing so.

This process is largely automated, so once set up, my business runs whether I'm working on it or not.

My vision is to help others to create lives of far more time and financial freedom and I do this by helping people gain access to the exact same mentors that I have and learn directly from my own experience during the last two years.

I teach people to break out of the traditional way of life and have a life that is far more meaningful.