About me
Welcome to my 'About Me' page. While you are here, grab a cup of coffee or tea, take a seat somewhere comfy and let me invite you into my life for 5 minutes.

From an early age, I had always felt different from my mates. They seemed like they had not a care in the world or maybe they were just good at keeping it hidden. I would ask questions like;

"There has to be something else?"
"It can't just be this mundane every day?"
"Why are we here, for what purpose?"

I was searching all the time for that extraordinary magic in what we call 'Living'.

Our experiences in life, give us perspective on how we see things and react to others in certain situations. We learn to dislike things, trust less, loveless and hate more. I hope for you it is more the reverse, trusting more, loving more and hating less.

Don't get me wrong, love and hate are not opposites here. The opposite of love is indifference or not caring. How often do we think or say we hate our loved ones? An oxymoron if I've ever heard one.

What I found along my journey is that no matter how many experiences I had whether good or bad. I was happiest and most content when I surrounded myself with and around nature, the raw naked truth with no judgements.

I had learnt to listen to my intuition and override my stubbornness, rather than stay in a situation or relationship that did not serve me just because I felt I had to stick it out.

However, before I zip you through the later years I would like to briefly give you a peek into the earlier part of my growing up in the 70's.
It was all about our bikes and what brake pads and headsets we had.

During the summer holidays, we would camp outside under the stars and build campfires staring up into the sky talking about what we would do when we grew up and who it was we fancied at the time.

Sundays were all about watching "Top of the Pops", waiting patiently who made it to number 1. A poster of our favourite band stuck on the wall with blue tack. Dad was never best pleased because of his paintwork. "Sorry dad"

Flying kites and sitting on park benches having a fag with your mates. "Not me mum, honest". And the first time you had your heart broken by your true love.

These memories are like yesterday, I can see them so clearly. Feel the emotions that I had back then like they have only just happened. Isn't that strange?

Yet I have no attachment to them because I know it was all part of growing up. Your history does not determine who you are.

Sure my life experiences have enabled me to create certain situations in my head. But my new thought patterns enable me to move forward and let go of the past memories that no longer serve me.

Talking about childhoods, "what are your childhood memories?" Do they conjure up feelings of frustration, happiness, joy or even sadness? Whatever your emotions, you are in life now where you are meant to be with the actions that you have taken.

Our actions determine our situations and we can change the circumstances and outcomes by taking control of these situations. It's our choice, really it is.

Can you see any patterns in your life where you could have done something else and the outcome would have changed your life as it is now? I bet you can.

In all of the experiences I've had, I would not change any of them. The only thing I ever wanted in life was to be happy in my own skin. But that has to come from within.

I would like to bring you up to speed; talking about myself is not something that comes easy. I also know we are all busy living our lives and want to just get there, wherever that maybe...

Now, where was I? Me, myself and I. That's right.

The joys of growing up, so after having a fantastic childhood, parents who made sure my sister and I had a holiday each year, camping or caravanning.

Even though we had upturned boxes and covered them with cloths to make side tables in the house. Having a sink wash because the kitchen was the only warm place in the house.

And my dad, "I do Love you dad". Making up the special milk from powder so that we could have it with our Weetabix in the morning.

Watching your mates going through puberty and seeing changes happening to your own body. "Where did they come from?"

Getting your first car and having that sense of freedom and real independence. Always wanting to be older or to look older so you get served fags and cider in the shops.

Then finally! You get there; become mature and all grown up and suddenly your opinion is the only thing that is right. Meeting your forever partner and moving in together.

Everything is going so great and wonderful and you land your first important job where you finally feel credible to your mates and family.
Its all so great and grown up and your pay cheque has far outgrown the little brown envelopes you got each Friday doing the paper rounds. "Thank you Gladys", I loved my paper round.

After college, I became a lifeguard. I loved the water and grew up with a dad who loved the ocean and was the local BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) Advanced diving Instructor. If you're not familiar with scuba diving. Some people go on holiday and take a PADI qualification. So you may have heard of that.

Being a lifeguard was so much fun.
The first water shoots in town and you were someone important. Standing at the top of the shoots in your lifeguard uniform and swinging your whistle cord around your hand looking at the clock.
"Wait for the green light please... yep off you go" "NO, I didn't mean you and NOT TWO AT THE SAME TIiiiiimmmmmmeeeeeeeeee!.." Too late! "I'll get those flipping boys next time"

I knew I had to study some more if I was going to get a decent job and wage to top. Having a passion for most sports and how the body works. I would become an Osteopath! Sorted. NO.

After doing all the exams and holding 2 places at the ESO (European School of Osteopathy) and the BSO (British School of Osteopathy) I could not raise the 32,000 they wanted for the 4yrs of study. My postcode did not qualify for aid either. It was a big fat "NO".

So what next?

There was a guy who used the health suite at the pool where I worked and said there was an opening as a telesales person where he worked. He was a manager in the operations department there and put a good word in for me. I got the job!

Moving forward I was shortly head-hunted and ended up working in the city for a distribution company selling space. I then ended up selling financial distribution and later on working with my clients who printed the financial papers. Those days the printers we're doing a bomb! That was before the Internet.

I remember this woman outside one of my appointments as I walked passed, was talking to her mate about the World Wide Web. Taking a big drag of her fag and blowing it to the side of her mates face saying head poised in the air

"Its the web darling, not something a spider makes."

The web what the hell was that?, I thought.

Times were changing and the printing companies were losing lots of money because now the financial reports were all being sent electronically. The old guys who loved to sit back in their office chairs reading the hard copies of financial reports whilst chuffing away at their cigars were becoming a thing of the past.

My job was at risk there was no time for sitting outside looking up at the stars and reminiscing about what we wanted to be when we grew up. All that dreaming was just a waste of time anyway.

We had to be serious, realistic and pay those bills! Besides, dinner needed cooking the house needed cleaning and there was a series coming on at 9 pm we wanted to watch. Escaping from the realisation that no matter how hard we worked our wages stayed the same, but the bills kept growing.

The forever relationship ended and so did the highflying city job and with it the commute into London. I knew training to be an Osteopath was way out of my budget so I started to search.

I loved health and fitness and after becoming a member at the local gym. I watched some of the uninterested gym instructors taking round the members, who were there desperate to lose weight or bulk up. It was a travesty and from that, I found my next mission.

A position came up as a fitness instructor, clean air and an environment I loved. I got an itch to make a difference. I loved watching people and kind of had a way of knowing what they wanted. It all made sense.

Within 6 months I became the fitness manager and had a team of 6 instructors that were at least a bit more enthusiastic than the last lot who had left by the time I started working there.

However, being a manager has its downfalls. The paper mountain grew and there was less time to interact with the members. I learnt to teach classes and became an instructor. Mixing that up with personal training I gave up the managers role and became self-employed.

Looking deeper into how the body works and what I could offer my clients I decided to take an exam to become a sports and remedial masseuse. I paid my fees and studied at the LSSM (London School of Sports Masseurs). I remember the day when my exam results arrived. I was crying with delight and shock as I had just passed with honours. I did it!

Fast forward -

I was crazy working being busy, teaching classes in gyms, in halls, personal training and massaging clients. Going to bed late skipping meals. I was happy but I didn't have any time for me. I soon came to realise that nobody cared if you had eaten or even slept.

One day the owner of a Physio clinic I worked at, 1 day a week called and asked if I did house visits. I did and went. The client ended up being the manager of a famous rock band. After a period of time, he invited me to meet the band and they invited me to go on a mini-tour to Japan.

Wow, Japan! Have you ever been? If not it is well worth it especially riding the bullet train at 320km (200mph). passing mount Fuji whilst sipping Champagne in first class.

After Japan, I was invited in as part of their family and became their Wardrobe mistress and Masseuse. Wardrobe mistress is a term used in the industry for someone who prepares/makes/alters and sometimes buys the artist clothes. It was a no-brainer really, earning more, work fewer hours, travel the world and live the lifestyle as a rock star! (Well, kind of).

Some of the experiences involved flying in a private jet, eating salmon and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. (I don't know why that was but there you go).

Eating at the famous Japanese Restaurant Gonpachi Nishiazabu in Tokyo where they filmed Kill Bill. Flying over Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro in a helicopter.
Visiting the Pyramids in Mexico and having a private guide take us under the pyramids not seen by many tourists.

It was a privilege and I was honoured to have had all those experiences and much more to which I am truly grateful.

My parents had bought a place in France with the view to retiring there so I visited them often until a few years after when they moved back to the UK I had decided to stay in France and live with my boyfriend who was a French farmer.

I continued to tour with other various bands but being on the road most of the time was never going to be good for a relationship and neither could you really plan for anything because you never knew when you were going out again. I had the money but not the freedom.

Farming duties never stop, there is always something that happens. Cows get out, their horns get stuck in trees. Water pipes burst in the winter. Babies arrive and it is necessary for the summer to change the groups into different fields. So the fields need to be prepared and then there is the harvest. It's constant but very rewarding when your herd are healthy and happy and there is a good crop.

But hang on!... How on earth did I get myself here? What on earth was I doing as a farmers girlfriend out of work and living off my savings?

All the qualifications I had studied for, all that drive and experience and here I was helping him with his farm with no direction of my own.

I started to eat the wrong foods, drink too much and fall into a downward spiral of self-pity and depression. I had lost my purpose.

During this time I had rescued two dogs from living their lives being either chained up at the back of a house or being attached by a rope around your neck inside a house which was the case for Milou, our neighbours' dog. I named my other dog Lucky and walking both Lucky and Milou was my escape.

Eventually, the relationship ended with the farmer and I started to look for somewhere to live and a job that would enable me to stay at home and be with Lucky and Milou.

I had wanted to do some of my projects for years but neither had the time nor the money. Or I had the money but not much time.

The time was now; I decided to INVEST my time in ME. One of the projects was creating a website and looking deeper into it. I started to learn about marketing.

It was a different language to me I came across words like Traffic, Funnels, Landing pages and Blogs WTF???
Wasn't traffic something you were stuck in with your car? A funnel, are we talking about a cooking utensil? Landing pages, landing rockets came to mind??? As for a blog, well my mind boggled.

A massive learning curve and much overwhelm hit hard. You see, I thought it was a simple matter of creating a website and then everyone would see it. But it's not as simple as that there is much more to it and so I later found myself saying; 'You can make the best cookies in the world but if nobody knows about them, then the only person who claims they are the best in the world is YOU!'

There is so much that we as individuals can do. We just have to keep focusing on what it is we want out of life. Have a clear vision and keep taking the action steps towards it.

It's no good sailing a ship out at sea and hoping it will arrive at your desired destination if you have not set the coordinates.

"If you don't know where you are going you end up someplace else" Yogi Berry

Time was passing by and there was more money going out than coming in, I needed to learn while I earned.

That is when I came across this program. I was watching a 'New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle helping me get into the zone when an ad popped up. I liked what the guy was saying and clicked the link and an email arrived in my inbox a little later. It stayed there for a few days, to be honest.

Then one night I was feeling very overwhelmed and the fear of not really knowing how I was going to pull this website together took its hold. I sat on the sofa and watched Beauty and the Beast. At the end, I was curled up crying my eyes out. Embarrassed hugging a cushion and hiding my face behind it as if I had an audience.

Then it came to me.

Spoiler alert - At the end of the film the spell is broken and the characters become the truer versions of themselves. Running into the open arms of their loved ones. That was it! I wasn't bothered about the not having a loved one part. What got me was I lacked community! When I am within a community that is where I thrive.


I was compelled to open my phone thinking about my mates and came across the email. I opened it, clicked on the link and watched all 7 of the free training videos. I had watched the lot in one evening.

Everything that was being said completely resonated with me. He was open, likeable, honest and genuine. I had nothing to lose and kept absorbing every drop of info that was offered.

This program could deliver! It works and the training offered and stages you have to go through before moving on was like a college course. Everything was there step by step by step. But best of all...

I've mentioned that being part of a community is where I thrive. However, you only have one pair of hands. Together with the knowledge that shows me the HOW. The MONEY to get me there, I could help LOTS of people and thrive even more in the process. It's a win-win situation.

The SFM door had opened and I was going in.

Which brings me to you and where are you right now in your life?
What would your About me page look like?

It is not easy you know telling people about yourself or making videos for that matter. But if you have something you want to give back. You feel you are living your life out of default and not out of your own designs. You get over your fear and start to grow.

"Whatever, you can conceive and believe, you can achieve" Napoleon Hill

It's not about the money, it does help of course. But you hear stories of people winning the lottery, losing it and saying It was the worst time of their lives. Think about that for a moment if you will, I'll come back to this in a second.

Of course, you and I would not say that because if you're still reading then something has resonated with you too. Maybe intrigue, maybe you're fed up of being sick and tired too? Or maybe you just wanted to kill 5 or so minutes in your day.

It doesn't matter. If you're breathing you're still living. That I do know. The question is;

What will happen if you kept doing the same things in your life for the next 5years?

I would suggest NOTHING will happen.

Would you like to change some things in your life?

If you found me it is probably because the answer is YES and that you were looking.

Remember I mentioned about the lottery winners? The ones who said they were miserable? Well If you lack purpose and direction in life you cannot achieve anything with a degree of satisfaction. There is no sense of pride. Without a purpose in life and no direction, you become that ship bobbing up and down in the ocean riding the waves going everywhere and nowhere.

Imagine discovering what your purpose in life is and then taking the action steps towards living that life on your terms?

Thank you for reading my 'About me' page and I look forward to reading yours!

To your life's purpose,

Michele, Lucky and Milou