About me
Born less than 2 weeks apart on different continents, it must have been fate that brought us together. Today, we literally live half a world apart (Mike in Dubai, Scott in Arizona), but we're as close as two coats of paint.

Brought together on this crazy journey to learn internet marketing, we quickly learned we shared a common cause: to take a message of hope to millions of people who desperately need it and, more importantly, give them solutions to their greatest challenges in life.

As two former professionals, we've become Deserters of the Status Quo, shunning the traditional, broken model of employment-retirement to pursue a path as "olderpreneurs" in the digital space.

Mike is married to Claire, an amazing talent in her own right, Scott is unmarried. Mike and Scott have no children together (just making sure you're awake).

We share a love for Syrah, having fun, and getting things done.