About me
I am at that person who has an amazing wife and four beautiful daughters who are growing up way too fast. I know that the day is coming when they will be off on their own and I will not have the possibility to spend the time with them that I now so much crave.

Unfortunately the current 9-5 job that I have keeps me from experiencing the life that I want to have which is simply helping others and spending more time with my wife. Because of that, I am working diligently to free myself from the requirements of the 9-5 lifestyle and plan on working from the comforts of my computer when I want and where I want.

Digital Dream Living was created by me to achieve these goals and is helping me see the true power and possibility that my desires are closer within my reach that I could have ever thought.

I truly hope that I can help others who want more out of life to be able to join me on this venture to break free of the typical boundaries that most of us face on a day to day basis.

See you at the top!