About me
I am currently working at a Secondary School in Derby, UK. I work full time, doing a job I really enjoy. As with all teachers, I do long hours marking and planning lessons on top of the normal working day.

I am training with the Six Figure Mentors in order to master some online skills and become a Market Affiliate. This golden opportunity has given me a new lease of life! The training materials are excellent. I never thought I'd be able to master online skills but this course is explained so well. In training to be an online Affiliate, I have found that you need someone to go through the steps in short stages. This is an exciting course with bags of encouragement and motivation thrown in. When teaching I have found that I spend 60% of the time motivating students. This course gives you 100% motivation! I often ask myself what would happen if my wildest dreams come true. Now I am getting closer to my aspirations.....

Alongside this course, I would also like to deliver my own online Science and Maths courses by using webinars, YouTube videos and even write my own education blogs or posts around my everyday experiences from over the years. I have also considered the possibility of sharing my wealth of experiences by becoming an online Science education Consultant. At the moment, I am focused on providing value to people who want to give up teaching in schools, just like me. Even people who just want to make themselves financially independent from their current area of work would have a common standpoint to my focus.
This involves providing quality information and guidance in beginning an online business and promoting the SFM platform as an all in one package for new starters. I am seeking career-changers that are certain that they want to improve their situation but are not sure how to go about it. They want personal freedom and are willing to consider working hard for it.They are driven by their own success and have reached a crossroad or pivotal point in their life.

I am sure that there are many more teachers out there, just like me who would love to work from home and teach their subject through internet platforms and could do with training like this. I think they would love this course! It would be ideal for them in order to get their confidence up, boost their incomes and join a virtual classroom instead. Personally, I love the flexibility of choosing my own hours and spending quality time with my husband and three gorgeous children.
In my free time, I just want to be basking in the sunshine, feel radiant and healthy- even in the winter months and enjoy the simple things in life once again.