About me
I love challanges and adventures and have therefore a quite manifold background. I have climbed mountains, biked through the whole of Sweden, ran a marathon in Svalbard, done cattle work from horseback in California, sung in the Barcelona church "Segrada de familia", and studied graphic design at one of the best schools in communication in the world.

Somehow this has all made me feel like expanding is the only way to live. Learning how to use the internet to promote products of my own, or others thats in line with my values, feels like a great way to keep doing that. Being 100 percent me.

My dream is working with yogis, meditation gurus, brain scientists, and quantum physicists to learn more about the human awareness/mind. It is also my dream to become a sparkling, healthy and wealthy mom. I'd like to live in a gorgeous but simple cabin/villa up here in the northern part of Sweden, where I can live part of the year with my spouse and eventually our kids, when we're not living in Greece or some other beautiful place.