About me
Hey its Ana here, founder of Explore Freedom, online entrepreneur and mother of 2... so I guess this also means I am a Teacher/Chef/Counsellor/Driver/Story Teller/Cleaner plus the many other roles motherhood involves!
September 2018 was a game changing month for me as I decided to learn how to build an online business from scratch on the side of my then part time call centre/office job with the hopes of one day quitting that to live this so called laptop lifestyle that I had heard about on the internet... After all, who wouldnt want to work from anywhere at anytime of their choosing?
In December 2018 I started my own online business in affiliate marketing where I promote products and services that I like and trust and in return I get paid. Its a win win situation really.
Most recently I have also started selling physical products on Amazon in the USA with my partner Michael which were looking to expand into the online markets of Australia and New Zealand in the very near future.
Prior to seeing success online and by that I mean earning an income online, I didnt know anything about having an online business, however, the flexibility to work from anywhere as long as I had a laptop and internet connection really enticed me to learn more about it.
Im extremely fortunate enough to have come into contact with some of the best digital entrepreneurs in the world who have and continue to teach me everything I now know.
With that said, my mission is to provide access to the same training courses and systems that I used to get me to this point now.

I can be contacted at hello@explorefreedom.net

All the best,

Ana x