About me
I was your typical 9 to 5 job person. I worked in finance, recruitment and property. I wasn't born into the digital age so all of this seemed like normal life to me, but I wanted and knew there must be something more. Then came the wake up call, the break through......the online world!

That is when my life changed and I suddenly started too see a life with more freedom. At first it was hard as I had no technical skills beyond email, facebook and doing google searches. I did want to give up loads of times, but I knew if I persevered I could free my life. So I did and now I have an online business and can run that from anywhere where I have my laptop and an internet connection. Now having known what it is like starting from zero in this alien digital world I feel qualified to help others achieve it too. Which is my new goal.

Outside of day-to-day stuff I love food and wine, travel and have a particular love of Ibiza, beautiful place! On the more spiritual / personal development side I am a qualified Life Coach and Reiki practitioner. These things give me balance and a deeper understanding of me and others.