About me
If youre anything like me you want to know that in a year or twos time youll still have a secure source of income and enough time to enjoy that security.

Thats why I started my own business, to help anybody start their own digital business and break free from the 9 to 5 world!

Since I was a child I've been dreaming up mad ideas for businesses that Id run and its something that has never left me. I love building stuff and I've always been into computers so after school I became a software developer. During my career as a web developer I've transformed a lot of businesses through digital integration, automation and self-service of digital tasks. It is rewarding work but its more rewarding for the companies I work for (if you get my meaning).

In 2011 I made the decision to take my best idea out of my head and make it a reality. So every evening and most weekends I worked on my new digital product and it was a massive project. I was so excited when it was finally built, it was a unique and clever product that had the potential to become a household name like Google or Facebook. So why am I not a millionaire you might be asking? Well the answer is marketing I built a product without ever thinking about how people would find it and how Id make money from it! Yes, silly me ;-)

I quickly realised that I had made something that required a lot of selling with very little return. It was a very low point for me.

I marked the failure down as a life lesson and decided to try find out how people were making money online. I quickly discovered that people with far less digital prowess than me were making a fortune from the digital economy and they were spending a fraction of the time doing so.

Just normal people like you and me decided to branch out and learn to become digital marketers! With a basic knowledge of the web and the right digital marketing training anybody can build a massive profitable business online.

So I signed up to every free (and some not so free) get rich quick and internet marketing list I could find. I even got stung by one but that story is for another day. One system stood out miles above the rest. I dont know about you but Im very cautious about getting my credit card out but after writing multiple emails and making phone calls I just knew that if I was ever going to learn digital marketing and have my own digital business then this was it there was nothing else in the same league so I joined up and it was the best decision I ever made oh apart from marrying my wife of course ;-) wow dodged a bullet there!

Having the system, products, tech support and phone selling all done for me is a God send, without it I would have given up on my digital lifestyle dream.

At this point you might be thinking why would I want a second job if my 9-5 was so great? Well I did have a great job that paid well etc. but in my last year there the company went through a bad financial patch and started putting people on half time and cutting wages. I wasn't affected because I work in digital but I hated the idea that something outside of my control could have such a massive impact on my life. It wouldn't matter if I worked harder or longer hours etc. if the company decide to cut employee number 8930297 then I was cut.

I'm now my own boss, earning more, working less and only the hours that I want to work! Second best decision of my life ;-)