About me

Hello and welcome to my page.

I am homeschooling mom, carer, and i do some community volunteering work weekends, and i also ran business from home.

About the war

My name is Asha,i am originally from Somalia, I came to Holland 1992 because of the war in Somalia,Well the WAR i have seen it all happened, i get wounded by the war,I survived in car explosions,Many of our neighbors did not make it, Some of my friends did not make it too ,there was families that No ONE survived.

my nightmares

OK lets Not talk About the WAR, if i continue talking about the war you will be crying by the time you finished reading this page, It 's over 22 years since i left home i still get nightmares about the war.

coming to Europe.

I came to Holland Beginning of 1992, I went College there,and live there over 5 years, then I move to the UK, to find a job

my work experience in UK

I worked in hotel cleaning the rooms about four months, then I found a work at Heathrow Airport in London by the Duty free shops, selling perfumes and and cosmetics, I worked at the Airport about 4 years,2001 I move from London to Birmingham, in Birmingham i worked as receptions and then i was Interpreting for GP, s hospitals, lawyers, refugee centers, neighborhood offices, and job center..

the autism diagnosis

When my daughter was born 2004 I decided to stay at home and look after her till she is little bit older, two and half years later my son was born ,when my daughter turn 3 we decided to enrolled her nursery ,One day my daughter’s teacher call me in school asking if I had any worries about my daughter and I say no ,So she advise me to speak to the health visitor about my daughter just for check up if she was developing age appropriate ,and I did that health visitor advise me to take her to the community pediatrician, after one very long year they diagnose my little girl with Autism.

why homeschooling?

the school was not help full ,every time we ask them to get speech therapy,Or at least someone who have experience teaching children’s with Autism they say there is not enough fund to support that ,i ask the teacher who was in charge children with special need education, if there was any thing that i can do to help my daughter,And she say just be the good mother that you are,And i thought that is not good enough for me,I have to do something, I decided to educate myself and help my daughter I spend everything I have to learn from the best of the industry. Specially those who had children with autism and Recover their children.

changing Diet

I change my daughter’s diet start teaching her after school, I remember when my daughter went back to school after the summer holiday her teachers was saying this is different child, She stays 3 years at the same school, Then we decided to home school her because she was learning from me not the school.

Autism Again

During this time I was so expert Autism symptoms I can tell my son was in the spectrum as well ,But I have to take him to doctor so they can give us the diagnose and they conform my daunting.

my hard times

life was not easy there was times, that I went bed crying and wake up crying,I did not know what was Autism,I never knew any child with Autism, Today i know so many children who get this Label.

my children are my teacher

I learn so much from my children they are my teachers, They came heir to help me heal,i had lots of food sensitivity that i was not aware of,and when i change my diet as well i felt so much better lots of energy ,clearer thinking,sleeping better, happier,I become better person because of my children,And they make me smile too.

no doubt that my children will be independent

My daughter is 10 years old now and I have no doubt that she will be independent ,my son is 7 years old and he is doing very good. Last 4 years I have been homeschooling , first I have other helpers, but last 2 years I am doing this on my own, I was very success full with teaching my kids,Feeding them well,I get connected with other mothers who are in the same situations, And i helping them.

why I join SFM?

every thing was going well except financially ,I was working like headless chicken, I could not employed some one to come and help me,that is how i start my Internet business,after long search online i found the SFM, there was NO hype, real education,and people with dignity,so i thought this is it, I can still teach my children, go home and be with my family , and the best of all help other mothers who are in the same situation like me.