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Stop the internal sabotage

"How to get lots of money for anything fast" by Stuart Lichtman is a program to teach you how to stop sabotaging yourself.  You will learn:  How to identify the inner unconscious conflicts that lead to failure.  How to work with your conscious mind to end the conflict in the unconscious mind.  How to set up your timeline to success.

A basic example of the sabotage is the eternal diet!  You want to lose 15 lbs and vow to eat only healthy foods in moderate portions.  But, you see a nice gooey desert and your unconscious mind starts working reminding you how delicious it would taste, and smell and that just a bite can't hurt etc......

Stuart Lichtman teaches you how to end the inner conflicts that block your success in any area.  But this book focuses on money and being able to make what you want.