About me
I'm currently in Bangkok working as a consultant and working on building a scalable online business to help creatives who have passions they push aside in order to survive.

I value freedom, flexibility, self-expression, and creativity

I working to build a successful online business which will allow me to have true freedom and flexibility. Time is our most precious commodity and I don't intend to spend anytime wasted on that which doesn't bring me happiness.

My mission is to learn how to use the internet to build something that can help others live a life that is fulfilling and rich in freedom, power, and self-expression.

Having been working paycheck to paycheck with student loan debt, uninsured, standing 10+ hours a day, working evenings, weekends and holidays as a bartender or server. I believed that to be an artist this is how it has to be, artist struggle and life is hard. That never sat well with me so when I move to New York to progress my art career, I found quickly that in order to survive in the city I'm going to have to work, hustle, and figure out a way become an established artist. First-year down, I hadn't touched a paint brush, drew or went to an art exhibit. I worked and promised myself every day I'll find a way to paint again. I decided I have to work harder, move up the ladder. If I work my way up and increase income I can afford studio space to paint and eventually help my family and give my partner new experiences around the world. So I became an operations manager, consumed by the work, what left was an exhausted uninspired person who felt everything that made me unique was being eviscerated. I was becoming a shadow of who I am. I started to believe, I need to stay comfortable and maybe art isn't what it's about, it's about money, I could barely take care of myself, and now I stood a chance to one day help my family and the one I loved. leaving that security no longer seemed easy to do. For two years I worked, gave my all and felt my soul being sucked out of me.

I had to get out of this! This can't is my life. Asking for a holiday, missing family on holidays while I work in an empty hotel. My relationship suffered when I left home at 5 pm to work till 2, 3, 4 am. This is not how I'm supposed to live. I developed severe anxiety, had trouble sleeping and was bitter. I felt like a prisoner of money. Still in debt, still struggling. Even in this struggle, I worked and pushed to prove I deserved more, or that I'm an asset. Stuck. This is not how we are supposed to live.

So in 2015 I told my boss, I was going to leave, it was such a hard decision, I respect my boss so much but the industry felt like an abusive relationship, taking you away from friends, family and the things you enjoy. I saved every penny I could and followed my heart to Thailand. Here I have begun a new chapter in my relationship and the new chapter in my career.

Now I work as a consultant and building a business of my own.

Life is great, I'm happy, thankful and creating life.