About me
Hey, I'm Justin Morris.

If youre here, chances are its because you want to figure out how to become profitable in todays online world, create more wealth, and build a Freedom Lifestyle.

In a nutshell, you are here because youre serious about improving your quality of life.

So who is Justin Morris?

Im a Digital Entrepreneur and in simple terms, this means that I run a business on the internet, and use automated systems to get my message in front of people who would find value in what Im doing.

Im also an affiliate marketer, which means that I recommend great products and services to others who I believe will find value in those products and services, and then I receive a commission for doing so.

This process is largely automated, so my business runs whether Im working on it or not.

My Journey

Like many of us, Ive been on quite a journey especially since 2006 where I have been seriously striving to create a Freedom Lifestyle.

Up until I was 6 years old I was brought up by my single mother who dedicated all her time and money which wasnt much to my brother and I. We lived a very basic life in a housing commission house in a low socio-economic suburb in Australia called Minto.

Around this time my stepfather came into my life and he was a very hard working Truck Driver. Not long after my two sisters were born and we moved into our new house. My stepfather was now working two jobs to cover the mortgage repayments and to put food on the table he wasnt home much and slept in the truck a lot.

From this upbringing, all I knew about life was work hard, work long hours and spend minimal time with the family.. so you can just get by in life.

But since graduating from high school in 2002 and perhaps like you, Ive always had a burning desire for success I always had the feeling of wanting something more in life than just having a job or career, and working until I retire. My upbringing must have had an influence on this I definitely didnt want to be stuck slaving away the years of my life.

I was stuck though I didnt know what type of business I wanted to create and I didnt know where to start so I settled for a job which was mainly construction or warehouse labour and when I got sick of that job I would just find another one. I had no direction and blew my wage on partying most nights

After 3 years of slave labour, I decided to give sales a go and I enjoyed it. I learnt that I could earn pretty good money just by talking to people and I got the taste of working independently as I was on the road most of the time.

Things were beginning to look brighter

In 2006 a few mates and I decided to travel to Bali and this is when it really hit me.. this was was the first time I truly felt happy and free. Over the next two weeks, I had an awesome time mixing with the locals and other travellers, exploring the country, bartering in the street markets, indulging in the local food etc. I didnt want to leave

When I arrived back to Australia I felt empty and lost so I didnt stay long within months I applied for a UK Working Holiday visa and for the next 1 year 3 months, I lived and worked in the UK and travelled central Europe and to Ireland. I had an exceptional time and wished I could keep living like this forever, but unfortunately, this was not an option as the Working Holiday Visa is only valid for a maximum of 2 years and you can only work half of your stay.

So here I was back in Australia working a sales rep job again waking up to an alarm clock ringing after pressing snooze a few times then dragging myself to a job a didnt care about and working for someone elses future. Blowing my wage on partying most nights

I become really unsettled and I remember asking myself is this really what life is all about?

The Transition

Some friends were involved in network marketing and seemed to be doing quite well so I gave it a go with a few network marketing companies and I had some success, but my success heavily relied on my teams effort. There were many times that my team just wouldnt put in the same effort I was putting in so my business struggled and so did my bank account.. eventually I was driving a Mercedes which I really couldnt afford, running up credit etc.

Even though I didnt achieve the success & lifestyle I was hoping for throughout these years I am grateful that I was introduced to Self-Development and to Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad and Tony Robbins as I had drawn the conclusion that trading time for money will only take me so far.

I began researching online, looking for different business models that I could hopefully achieve a Freedom Lifestyle. I invested in a Forex Trading course and gave that a go, I tried Cryptocurrency, and I attended wealth and property seminars, but nothing seemed to provide the success and lifestyle I was striving for I was becoming even more lost and unhappy than I was previously as I was now beginning to think that I will never be able to live a life I truly love.

Thankfully I was and still am into Self-Development as I developed a strong mindset of belief, therefore, I didnt let the past get to me too much and I was able to build a solid network of like-minded people not settling for average.

One day a couple of guys which were involved in a couple of the businesses I was in the past started to show up on my Facebook newsfeed, Youtube and I reached out to them as I noticed they were now living in Bali, travelling the world, giving back to the community truly living the Freedom Lifestyle Ive been striving for but struggling to find a way to create it.

They introduced me to the quality Online Education and platform which they have taken advantage of to build a profitable Online Business from scratch and the Freedom Lifestyle which Ive been striving for many years.

The rest is history every day I wake up inspired and eager to put my few hours into my Online Business. From being in a place of having no clue about what I wanted to do, or how I could create a Freedom Lifestyle now I have the know-how with a clear path of the avenues available!

There are endless opportunities and not just one way to do it!

This quality Online Education and platform has changed my life! I now have knowledge and know-how to work from wherever I want, whenever I want and however I want!

Though I must make it clear just like any real business or opportunity, it takes consistent action and commitment, but you do have technology which helps find people for what you have to offer and this process is largely automated so my Online Business runs whether I am working on it or not.

My Vision

To help and inspire as many people as I can to not settle for average and to create a profitable Online Business and life they truly love

In my experience, the majority of people will run through life with this life is OK, but I cant expect much more than that because I dont have enough money and I have too many bills etc kind of attitude. I want to help people to actually dream of the greatest life for themselves that they can possibly imagine full of choices.

Then, I want to help them to find the courage and the bravery within themselves to start creating that perfect life, without letting fear or frustration get to them. When a challenge arises, Ive now learnt its just the universe seeing how bad I really want something and to ask myself How can I use this challenge as an opportunity to grow? because if theres one thing I now know, its the biggest challenges that will push us outside of our comfort zones and force us to become stronger and to truly excel in life!

The only single thing that holds a person back from creating whatever they want in their lives, is themselves. Absolutely no exception. We are all born for success.. we just have a find way to achieve it with the right support!

So let me ask you: do YOU want a change?

If so, and youre tired of not living the life you really want, tired of being tied to one country, and tired of not having the freedom you want, then lets at least explore the possibility of working together.

Unlike most of the Digital Entrepreneurs out there who use hype and exaggerations to persuade you to pay them, I wont try to sell you on how youll change your life in a week or two.

Im only committed to work only with the best people; people like you who are 100% committed and serious about getting RESULTS.

Get in touch via one of the social media links above or email me justin@justinmorrislifestyle.com