About me
My name is Joe and I run a rehabilitation and pain management clinic on the south coast of the United Kingdom.

I also run a digital business which I am expanding every day, focusing on helping other business owners break into the digital economy and providing an option to everyday 9-5 workers to quit their day jobs and build a business online, completely centered on their individual passion.

I came into the industry myself looking to expand on my offline business which at the time was predominantly personal training and injury rehabilitation.

I wanted another business model which allowed me to work less and earn an uncapped income, using the internet as the platform to do so.

Ever since I broke into the digital economy, I have learned so much, meeting some unbelievable people along the way who are helping me create the business that I want.

It is my goal to do the same with 100 people, I want to help those people create a living online and create the lifestyle that they deserve.