About me
Hello dear Reader and fellow Digitalpreneur,

I guess you could think about me as the prototype of the "prodigal corporate son", raised with the conviction that education and a job is all one needs to get in life.

Let me tell you this from the start, because this is who (and where) I am now: your education and what you do of your job, ANY job, is of critical importance for the rest of your life.

BUT you (we all) are NOT your education or your job - these are two synergic ways we manifest and express ourselves to the world, no doubt about that, but they do NOT define you as a person.

Take me as an example: I have always had the passion for computers and technology, since I was a kid, and ended up (with some guidance from my parents, bless them) studying Engineering. I consistently got above average results, typical for everyone who gives all of themselves into anything they consider "right" for them, discussing my master thesis around the "Statistical Analysis and Control of Industrial and Administrative Processes" (...) and got the maximum score I could, CUM LAUDE.

Something to be proud of, sincerely, and I really am, like I am sure my parents were when the professors read that out loud in front of the Commission.

Joyful I was then when I got my first employee job, as I had finally fulfilled the prophecy that my parents (and my social community) always poured into my ears: study and get a job!

This all felt right and great at the moment, but for some reason (that over the years has become more apparent) these achievements did not feel like the great accomplishments they were.

I mean, I got great results studying at one of the most difficult University faculties and managed to get several job (entry-level clearly) offers.

Still, I was not feeling the sense of happiness that they should have given me.

In retrospective, as I have had then to experience many times after that, it was not because of something that I was doing, but because of something I was NOT doing.

For starters, I was not celebrating and practicing gratitude: the fact that I had achieved all that deserved the time to reflect that there is nothing granted in life and that, although it somehow felt easy, I had to work hard to reach where I was. This was to be appreciated.

Second, I was not having a vision and therefore failing to plan ahead.

Visualization, I keep telling that in my several writings and preaching to people I talk to and coach, is the first fundamental step to taking the 'right' direction in everyone's life.

I don't mean Right like there was one absolute truth, but rather a deeper understanding of what it is that makes us happy, satisfied and fulfilled; of what it is that is right for US.

If you are failing to visualize your goals, like I have been doing many a time in my more and less recent past, you are not giving yourself the possibility to be successful at achieving your goals, whatever they are.

Without a vision, each step takes you in a direction that makes you feel uneasy the more steps you take; at a certain point in your journey, you are not really sure how you ended up there, or where you're headed exactly or why. This is a miserable situation to be in.

In a sudden moment of realization, you feel like you've been living someone else's life and following someone else's dreams.

Sadly, a huge number of people feels this way nowadays, after the prophecies of their parents and grand-parents could not be fulfilled any more, after the notions they've learnt at the university do not seem to bring value, after the job markets are changing so rapidly that increasing numbers of professionals all over the world find themselves, all of a sudden, not simply unemployed, but rather 'unemployable'.

This is a real picture and the statistics and several studies on the subject paint a dimmer picture for the near future.

I am not here with a prophecy of disgrace and misery, but to open my own eyes and help others see the reality.

For only if we realize where we are, we can start understanding where to go from there.

Life is a unique combination of faith, physics and apparently random events, where one single very small vibration can indeed trace a very unexpected trajectory in everyone's (yours and mine) life.

I have since realized that only through realization and visualization can I be able to trace my own trajectory.

Life may not quite be as we expect it, but we only have one and our role is not to trace the shortest and safest path to its destination (i.e. the grave); rather to enjoy every bit of the journey and trace, for as much as it is possible, our own trajectory, filling the lives of those we touch with growth, gratitude and fulfillment.

It is our DUTY to leave behind us a better world than the one which was given to us.

This is what I believe in and what I take action for.

To quote Sir. Richard Branson

'If somebody offers you an Amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say YES then learn how to do it later!'