About me
If you visit the 'About Me' page at http://markfordsblog.com/about-mark-ford/ you will be able to view the full story of how Mark Ford went from a 9 to 5 job in a legal office, living paycheck to paycheck, to a full time digital online business entrepreneur, marketer, mentor and property investor building multiple income streams working from home to replace his full time income.

Through my information publishing business, Nice Money Publications, I enjoy helping people meet their goals by sharing information about income opportunities working from home and how to leverage the internet to run a successful online business. I enjoy mentoring and like to share my experiences in information publishing, affiliate, digital, internet, network and video marketing along with writing and building blogs/websites.

On the sporting front I like to travel watching international cricket and travel in general. Food, well not very fussy. I enjoy all types from all countries!

I like to relax walking through the countryside, take trips to the theatre and just kick back socialising when I can.

My main goal is to build a large and successful six figure mentors team and use this suberb program as a vehicle to achieve financial and time freedom. This will enable me to travel the world to all four corners when I want and have more quality time with my family and friends. For this I have a line drawn in the sand around September 2015 when I will be 55!

Having left behind, after 29 years, a legal career I set up my own property business back in 2006. Having built up a property portfolio, which I will be looking to sell on, I then moved on to fulfil a passion of building up multiple home based business income opportunities and how I could then share the valuable information I learnt by building a network of online blogs and websites covering various niches. This led me in June 2008 to set up my work from home business, Nice Money Publications.

You can view a full run down of all the websites in my network at http://www.markfordswebsites.com.

At the moment I am involved with a number of home based businesses. These are listed at http://markfordsblog.com/business-opportunities/.

I also provide information on products that give solutions to business owners on a wide range of topics connected to working at home, running an online business and marketing strategies. The latest products are listed at http://markfordsblog.com/products/ and http://www.markfordsproducts.com.

Over the years I have attended numerous marketing workshops and seminars and invested heavily in my business and education. I am self taught from home study courses and I have also learnt a lot from other business mentors. All the training courses I have been on have been both enjoyable and enlightening.

I am now trained daily at The Six Figure Mentors by many top industry leaders with full support from my sponsor and the Six Figure Mentors Community. I am looking to the SFM to help educate me further about digital and online marketing so that I can pass on my improved knowledge to others who will benefit from this.

I hope that through my journey I can help many others make money online and achieve their ultimate success by sharing what I have learnt along the way.

Best Regards

Mark Ford

P.S. Be sure to check out my full story over at my personal website > http://markfordsblog.com/about-mark-ford/