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Mark Ford - Digital Online Business EntrepreneurIf you are looking for an online business coaching program to help you build an online business the Faster Smarter Better online business coaching program offers a quality solution.

To help you decide whether to bring this Faster Smarter Better product into your product portfolio, I am going to review not only this relatively new product on the market but I will also take a look with you at a strategy for making money online.

In addition, we will also be reviewing the particular method used by the product authors, because this unique system will be taught, in a revolutionary, new extended and extensive, online membership site format.

This system is called the Faster Smarter Better online business coaching program, and in the short space of this Faster Smarter Better Review, we are going to systematically take each of the claims made, (on the sales page) apart, piece by piece, and see if it makes the grade. So, here goes...

Can You Actually Make $100,000 with the Faster Smarter Better Online Business Coaching Program?


First of all, can you actually make a $100,000 dollars, in a year, and for the years to come following this faster smart better system? Owing to the fact that this is a relatively new method, I have not yet had a years worth of data to substantiate this claim. However, if judging from past systems published by this duo of online wealth builders, ( Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason) then $100,000 dollars in a year would not be an outlandish claim.

Faster Smarter Better Online Business Coaching ProgramIn addition, the system on the whole, is both solid in its foundation, yet flexible in its approach. Therefore, sustaining the progress from year-to-year and building upon past successes - is extremely likely, especially with the memberships continued tutelage.As you may know, many of their previous wealth building systems have netted their students far more, if that eases your mind and gets you excited.

That said, the weird part is, Why would this team construct a system based on this rather modest number, as a profit goal on a sales page? To answer this question, you must understand who the course is ultimately aimed to instruct, and it may also benefit you when considering this modest number, that the $100,000 is based on NET earnings, rather than gross earnings.

This is a far more honest way to make projections, than many other online courses, which have deceptively used gross numbers, to base their promotional material on. Therefore, I will give them another vote of confidence for not hiding any of the costs associated with their plan, as I think this is a very commendable way to do business.


The Faster Smarter Better plan is focused on training those who are new to online businesses, and to those who have had limited or unsuccessful experiences in online ventures in the past. This is accomplished by backing up all the way to the beginning or starting over from scratch for some newbies and doing everything correctly from the get-go.

Some may see this part of the first months plan, as overkill, because they explain some very basic concepts in great detail, however, I agree that it is better to let some people skip over sections they understand, rather than leave out chunks of information by assuming everybody already knows the material and leaving some people behind.

When watching and reading some of the material explaining the basics in this online business coaching program, I had to laugh, as I myself, recalled some of the mistakes I made and the costly consequences it took to teach me to learn some of the lessons, which this course points out, right away.

If you want to learn the basics, and beyond, then this course will teach them to you, step-by-step, using examples and pointing out any tools necessary to get the job done, efficiently and effectively. If you are wondering, why you should do a certain procedure instead of another, to get the job done, then this course will point out the cause and effect of the steps ahead, so you can visualize the results and maintain your focus on forward progress, without following on blind faith or feeling the need to do work without a goal.

Best of all, this method serves to draw attention to facets of online marketing that are very important, yet newbies often skip these because they do not understand how this or that piece, fits into the overall puzzle. If you are already making over a hundred thousand dollars online then this may not be the right system for you. However, I can see from watching the videos and taking the course step-by-step that we are off to a grounded start, providing a well balanced approach between instruction, theory, motivation and tool application.

The Faster Smarter Better Online Business Coaching Program is Motivational!

The Faster Smarter Better Online Business Coaching program is Motivational!

The time spent on motivation in this course should be noted as fledgling entrepreneurs often have very little support from the outside world, until the money starts coming in.

Anyone who has ever started an online business from home knows that friends and family can be less than supportive (I was accused of playing on the computer) until the pay checks start rolling in.

The motivational aspects of this course are superb in both the videos and the written material, (including personal notes available in the membership area, as they both encourage and bolster new entrepreneurs egos and personal resolve, as they take the steps necessary to build a solid online business foundation. People who have traditionally looked to their employer for motivation have often fallen on their faces, when they struck out on their own, because it is hard to keep in mind the end goal when you are performing tasks that will not see results within the hour.

The way they have broken down each task and explained how it fits into the bigger picture, I believe, will be one of the strongest assets in this course, for all involved. I especially like how this system puts students in touch with ALL of the resources and tools they need to succeed.  

Best of all the Faster Smarter Better System offers tools at various levels of success, with links to free online tools and resources that course goers can use to get started on a shoestring budget but also they point out, the paid solutions for later on - with recommendations as to when it would be appropriate to switch.  

And Finally... To sum up the Faster Smarter Better online business coaching solution, after reviewing the first couple of pre-prepared installments they have produced, I can honestly say this is one sales page that does not pull any punches.

Knowing the reputation of the Faster Smarter Better company, (of their prowess in marketing, and their unbridled wiliness to share what they themselves learn, know and do) I have every confidence that this course will grow with each members needs and will be updated as technology changes or as new opportunities present themselves.

Overall, if you are new to online marketing or those who just have not seen the results promised by following other so called Gurus of the Internet and digital marketing world, then I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how simple they make starting a productive and solid online business. This is one, which is capable of producing a stable income for those interested in making a real living, for the long haul, in the online arena, Faster, Smarter, and Better.

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I wish you every success.

Mark Ford 

Mark Ford