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A Buzzinar review of excellent viral sales funnel software from... Omar Martin and Melinda Martin


The average internet marketer does not approach the selling process properly. They do not think of it as building a business, they just think they are creating a product to sell. This is why 97% of internet business entrepreneurs fail miserably within the first year.

Making money online can be as easy as you make it for yourself or as hard as you make it. Heck, even a kid can make money selling baseball cards on eBay. Anybody can write a report in Microsoft Word and sell it on a blog for a couple of bucks using a Paypal button. Making money this way is not rocket surgery or brain science. As a matter of fact, everybody and their mother has a product teaching you how to make money online. But can these self proclaimed gurus teach you how to create a real business with consistent mortgage paying income coming in? Sadly, the majority cannot.

Omar and Melinda MartinThis post is about a husband and wife team that have been living comfortably off their internet business income for years. They have generated several million dollars online since 2007. The couple I am talking about is Omar and Melinda Martin who are very respected ethical marketers. They have a nack for creating sales funnels that attract profits virally.

Omar and Melinda have been teaching their highly profitable sales funnel tactics to eager entrepreneurs for a high ticket consultation fee. Recently, Omar and Melinda released a product called Buzzinar which reveals their closely guarded, funnel building secrets and even provides members with the software tools, website themes and resources to replicate their own success.

Buzzinar Sales Funnels

The Buzzinar members area is packed to the gills with useful stuff. This thing is like an internet marketers candy store. For starters, this thing is low priced and it is not going to break the bank.

Various payment options are available from just $7 up to $47 and it is a one time fee. You can get in at whatever level you are comfortable with and earn as you learn. The content is delivered in several ways, there is a detailed pdf ebook that explains the viral sales funnel creation system and the ebook is accompanied by a professionally recorded audio course.

What Do you Get With The Buzzinar Viral Sales Funnel software from Omar Martin & Melinda Martin


The detailed modular training is comprised of step by step mp4 videos that cover:

  • 1. The Buzzinar Call (recorded live)
  • 2. Funnel Building Concepts
  • 3. Strategic List Building
  • 4. The Autoresponder
  • 5. The Viral Squeeze
  • 6. Segmentation, Persuasion and Monetization
  • 7. Free Traffic
  • 8. Paid Traffic


Check out the Buzzinar Video Demonstration below...

Get Access To Buzzinar - Click Here

These videos do not just teach you what you should do and why you should be doing it. But they actually show you on screen (video Professor style) exactly what to do. Down to which buttons to click and in what order. This is literally an expert profitable sales building system presented in a way that even a novice could accomplish it.

The Buzzinar system is more than just training. It also includes a very specific set of tools. These are not just some little widgets that were thrown together either.

These are the same exact tools that Omar and Melinda use in their business today.

You are getting a complete sales website with all the required Buzzinar funnel pages. You can easily modify the site for whatever product or funnel you want by following the instructions provided, there is absolutely no limit to how many times you can repeat the process.

Since many of us, including Omar and Melinda use Wordpress as a site building platform, Buzzinar also includes a Wordpress theme that works in the same way as the html website provided; to attract customers, make sales and grow your list. Buzzinar also includes, two powerful pieces of software. These come in the form of a Wordpress plugin that you can use with your theme and an html application that you can upload to your html sites. The software is used in the squeeze process to attract new customers every time that someone opts into the squeeze page. The system is so simple that it is nothing less than a work of pure genius.

You will find that the layout of the members area is extremely user friendly and a pleasure to navigate. There are no gimmicks or hidden upsells to worry about. Omar and Melinda are as transparent as they come. You can even try out one of the lower memberships and upgrade later within the members area without being penalized or having to pay more.

It truly is the way membership sites should be built. I am very proud to recommend to you the Buzzinar system if you are in fact looking to learn how to build a solid long lasting income from a couple of marketers that actually walk the walk.

I look forward to seeing you in the Buzzinar members area.

I wish you every success.

Mark Ford

Mark Ford