About me
We Are Frank And Jill

We have amalgamated our businesses on the 14th of July 2016 here into one to create a powerful success alliance within the SFM/DEA. Our varied backgrounds incorporate being a passionate music producer since the age of 11 for Frank to a breakthrough coach and tarot master of 26 years for Jill. Between us, we cover 5 years of the digital economy.
These skills and mastery combined give us life tools and we are ever lifetime students.
Our mission and values are 100 % aligned with offering support, guidance with love and gratitude.
Our combined experience is nearly 100 earth years. We speak and operate from the heart.
Our quest is:
To change a billion lives for the better and enrich the world by spreading the love and dispelling the darkness.
We are Germany and UK based, but as for all spirit beings, we are ever in flow states which could mean anywhere in this world.

Spread the love.
Frank and Jill