About me
I appreciate you stopping by to check out my bio and to learn more about me.

My Quick Bio

My Family:

The person allowing me to love her - Katina, my older sister, my older brother, my mother and my dad.

Hey, much love and hugs to my aunties, uncles and nephews :-)

Primary Residence:

Hamburg, Germany

My Market:

Anyone who loves arts & music, anyone who is serious about changing their financial lives and want to work from the comfort of their home online.

My Story & Finding The Better Way

I grew up and live in Hamburg Germany since 1975.

Caught earth light for the first time and in the same year in Kumasi.

Besides working part-time for a varnishing company, I am learning more about starting a profitable online business from my passions - almost everyday since 2008.

When not performing some of the songs I wrote in the past 14 years I enjoy creating paintings and videos for those songs.

When I was 3 years of age, I enjoyed drumming on moms cooking pots!!

I still see myself sitting on the kitchen floor and hitting the pots with wooden cooking spoons and singing out anything that came to my head!

Playing the guitar became another favorite to me, yet the piano, bass and the two instruments mentioned earlier will tease and please me until forever I am able to hear and play them!

In 1992 I got signed with sony music in germany for without remarkable success.

After leaving sony I got signed with warner-chappel in 1996.

Got married in 1996 but divorced four years later.

Being burned out an depressed unable to speak, laugh, enjoy life like I used, I spent another 4 years trying to find help breaking out of the darkest time in life.

Moving out from mom and dad's home and medical support finally got me back on track!

That was in 2004. Track is a good word isn't it?

12 tracks came to me and I was performing them on streets and in live music clubs of hamburg to date.

In 2008 I connected with other musicians and formed the OOD Band.

The Better Way

I am lucky to have friends that are into the frugal lifestyle and also fellows in the music industry being interested in living (helping to create) a world that is more fair.

With these people and what they bought, cooked and lived I was able to enjoy the quality and spirit of fair trade products for a good while.

It's hard to get around products that smell like: Exploitation of The Human Resource but TODAY there are so many more companies switching to an ethical and corporate responsible business practice.

So whenever I'm able to buy a product that is looking to create better living conditions for more than the business owners I'll may get it.

For example: Hungry for Music is a great charity project that I want to support!

GEPA is a company I enjoy buying from, and Fair Trade, and many more:)

The bicycle I ride since 5 years now is still doing great but when the time comes around I will buy me a fair trade bicycle:) I just found a company creating these:)

I began testing out online business franchises the first time back in 2008 and promoted them on traffic exchanges at that time.

I made a couple of 5 to 20 dollar sales until the owner stopped. It was not that bad since I did not invest any other big money but quite a lot of time.

Earning my investments back was okay and I also learned more about scammy get-rich schemes still lost money on crappy online business education.

The idea of affiliate marketing and as an business opportunity got me interested enough to keep trying to make it a living and way to finance our life, my art creation and studio times.

In 2017 I ended up with a free training video series all that was the best thing I came across in over 10 years of checking out ways to build a list... That is often where the trainings end.

This time I really do invest more time and money into my future, since and maybe only because it is a premium product.

I can only warn you not to waste time on free or paid marketing any product you did not buy yourself! BE SURE WHAT YOU PROMOTE TO PEOPLE - ALWAYS!

The happier you are with what you know is good the more likely it is that you find others that feel your joy before they even try it out for themselves.

There are only two products I actively or passively promote right now (4th of august 2018) because I know they are good.

Whatever... I'd be happy if I was able to entertain you with my bio a bit and maybe help you from making some of my mistakes.

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