About me
I'm probably a lot like you. I want to earn money to travel, take care of family and pay it forward, But I don't like 9-5 jobs where I have to go and stay all day, I want freedom to work hard without the restrictions of a traditional job.

The Six Figure Mentors/ DEA is the only business I have found which allows me to actually work from anywhere, anytime and see real results and actual money in my bank account.

This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life because now my family and I can travel and go on missions to help poor, underprivileged and deaf people to have a better quality of live. My family and I are active volunteers for the Deaf Community and have traveled all around the US teaching in American Sign Language.

We are now planning to join an International Building Committee to travel around the world and help to build places of worship in poor countries and to help to rebuild homes destroyed in natural disasters.

When we give to others, we receive back more than if we keep the money all to ourselves. That's pretty much how it works. And this business has helped us to earn money in a way that is almost unreal, but the numbers don't lie, our bank accounts are proof of that.

I hope you are inspired to do this for yourself and your family. Then you will be able to pass it on and be an inspiration to others. What could be better?