About me
I am 59 years old and closed my traditional business at 58. Why did I do this ? after 15 years of trading the markets had changed dramatically, business was getting harder I found the commute was draining me.
The business started to run me, causing stress to me and my family. My working hours were getting longer and longer. Even though we had some success creating good assets etc, cash flow was always an issue. My stock levels had to keep increasing to try to achieve more sales. I knew there had to be an easier way, I took a massive decision and closed down.
I still have a property portfolio which provides me with a small income, however, I knew I had more to offer I still needed a sense of purpose and wanted another business to be fulfilled. The digital economy is growing at such a fast rate this was where I switched my focus.
My GOALS were not to have staff, invest big capital, warehouses for stock and I wanted to work from home to eliminate that traveling time that I found so draining. My old business associates are still doing battle they know that the job they have always loved is under so much pressure to change, the companies they work for are wanting far more results for no more reward as their profits are under pressure with the ever increasing demand of government inflicted overheads. To sum up their job security and future income is now under threat.
My personal GOALS are to go on holiday without worrying if all is well at work, to spend ,more time with my family, happiness, fulfilment and above all help others to achieve what I am achieving.
I have now realised these goals, I am much happier , the so called 9-5 grind, ( which in reality was 6-7 ), is now a thing of the past. I have also regained my passion for my business and personal life.
At first I was concerned " could I learn new skills " my knowledge on working with computers was just about nil, I could send Emails and produce a letter but that was about the sum total of my knowledge.
I am learning so much about the digital economy from the best mentors you could wish for. I am also amazed at the help I receive from so many like minded people which in turn means I can help others as well. Any one can learn from the training offered wether you are 16 years old or 70.
My life has changed in so many ways.